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  1. [Infographic] 8 Reasons why business cards are here to stay and tips for designing a great one!


    Most people have abandoned old practices and moved towards digitalization, adapting more effective and efficient processes. However, many traditional business solutions are still effective in this day and age, and one such solution is business cards. 

    Even in the modern era of digital marketing and SEO, business cards are still relevant and used extensively by most businesses. So, let's go through the top 8 reasons that make business cards an ideal solution for businesses of every kind and size. Business 

    • Easy Exchange of Information

    cards are still one of the easiest methods of exchanging informat

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  2. Bulk Ordering And Announcement Cards - How They Go Hand In Hand

    Photo of a Graduation Card


    Preparing for your child's graduation is one of the most exciting and proud times for most parents. Whether you are planning a small and intimate family gathering to celebrate or if you intend to host a big celebratory bash, ordering graduation announcements in bulk is highly recommended. The process of planning a graduation party is stressful enough, which is why ordering the announcements in bulk can be very wise.

    Ordering announcements in bulk is a way to alleviate some of that stress and added pressure you are experiencing without sacrificing the look and aesthetic you are going for with the i

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  3. Laser Cut Designs: What Are They Best Used For?

    Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, engineer, or a frequent consumer of prototypes, laser cutting allows products to be designed and manufactured with prolific speed and precision at affordable prices. Laser cutting works by cutting through various layers of a surface to create a 3D look. A versatile range of equipment and other tools have been designed using laser cuttings.

    Laser, Cutting, Cutting Out, Machine, Plasma

    Producing 3D designs and products such as Wedding Invitations and Easter Cards are made possible with laser cutting blended with creativity during assemblage, resulting in elegant

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  4. Laser Cutting with the Highcon Beam

    Laser Cutting with the Highcon Beam

     Previous forms of laser cutting


    Laser Cutting has a wide assortment of applications and has been buzzing throughout the promotional product industry for decades. You see it everywhere now! The image shown above is a standard, table top, laser engraver that can be commonly found in many promotional product stores. Most people associate laser cutting or engraving as adding text to a pen, water cup, or coffee mug, and these products are very common and can be found almost anywhere.


    In today’s world the uses are much more complex and can often seem limitless. Would you like to add a custom cutout to your business card? Would you like to add some lattice to a wedding invitation? How

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  5. Wedding Inviations

    Wedding Invitations

    woman holding wedding invitation 


    Weddings are a special part of every couple’s journey. It is a day where you officially become a family, a day where you promise each other to be by each other’s side forever, and a day you can cherish with all of your friends and family. It is bound to be an extraordinary day that you and you loved ones will not forget.


    Even though weddings are filled with love and excitement, all of the planning leading up to the big day can become quite stressful. Here at EnvironPrint, we want to help remove some stress and help you with all of your print needs. We want to make sure that all of your friends and family members get advanced notice with an exceptional, high-quality invitation. With our digital printing

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  6. Writing Thank You Cards to Employees

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  7. How to Write a Thank You Card to an Employee

    How to Write a Thank You Card to an Employee


    Writing a thank you card is not difficult and does not require a lot of time to complete.  The most important things to remember when writing these cards are to be honest and sincere.  If you do these things, your efforts will almost always have a positive impact on the person receiving the card.   It’s entirely possible that your thank you card will cause a “chain reaction of good things,” to happen to those who interact frequently with the associate who received the card.  If you write the cards on a frequent basis this “chain reaction of good things,” can have an even greater impact on your own success.

    For those of you who would like to fully realize the benefits of writing thank you cards please see the steps below.  If you follow these three simple steps you will soon see the power a thank you card possesses.


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  8. 5 Tips to Help Improve Your Productivity


    Getting the most out of your day? Most of us want to find a way to get a bit more done and combat distractions have you tried these?


    Time is our biggest resource, our biggest luxury and the easiest thing to spend without thinking. Finding ways to manage your working time can make your jobs easier – and your time off more rewarding too. These are our best tips for getting more out of the hours in your day – what are yours? Let us know in the comments. Now, where’s that to-do list?


    1. Know what your goals are

    How to be productive, step one – set some goals. This is one of the most important tools at your disposal.

    We tend to have 3 kinds of things to put on a to-do list:

    Ambitions – ‘I want to become Boston’s favorite wedding photographer”

    Daily habits – ‘get at least

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  9. Four Concepts that Small Businesses Can Learn from Multinational Companies

    You don’t need to be a megacorporation to have mega business skills. Take a cheeky bite out of a big company’s years of experience with these lessons from the blue-chips.


    1. It’s all about the relationships

    Even in a world of automation and digital business, there’s one essential ingredient that only human beings can provide: trust. Without it, deals aren’t made, sales aren’t placed, and things simply can’t happen.

    One trust-fueled success story is Airbnb, one of the big kahunas of the sharing economy. With a business model built around customers opening their homes with strangers, the trust factor is make or break. Airbnb has made it work using a strong brand built on ideas of connection, friendship and hospitality, backed up with a big investment in customer service to iron out any problems early in the process.

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  10. Designing the Perfect Logo

    Whether you’re designing a logo yourself or commissioning someone to create one for you, here’s everything you need to know to find a unique design that expresses your brand personality.


    What is a logo and why does it matter?

    A logo is one of the most recognizable elements of any brand. It’s the iconic graphic that sits at the top of every Letterhead, adorns every piece of packaging and has pride of place on the front page of your website. So, what does it take to create one that represents you best?

    What makes a good logo?

    Your logo needs to:

    -represent your brand values, so that when people see it, their understanding of your brand will be strengthened

    -blend smoothly with the rest of your branding, such as your color palette and font, to create a strong and consistent visual identity

    -be memorable

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