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  1. Candle Labels: Even a Minor Detail Can Have a Big Impact!

    Catching a consumer’s eye is a critical aspect of marketing and advertising. It’s the invitation to get to know the product better. The packaging alone can propel an entire company if it's done right.

    Candle labels are a perfect example of how brand marketing within a target audience can drive sales. Promoting a candle with the right font and label design can make all the difference to the consumer’s opinion and pocketbook.

    The Importance of a Candle Label

    A label is an important part of brand marketing and advertising. Labels also contain several practical uses, including customer safety and liability. La

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  2. Sticker Design Tips for the Best Product Packaging! [Infographic]

    Why do some products catch your eye while others quickly fade away? Easy: A well-designed label!

    There was a time when labels and product packaging were solely used as a container to house your product. As merchandising has evolved, they now act as marketing persuasions to build your brand identity.


    Make a Statement with Striking Labels and Packaging!

    Labels and boxes are among the most important aspects of creating successful packaging since they are a primary means of branding, marketing, and advertising your company and its goods. The packaging is generally as significant as the product itself.

    Custom labels make your products recognizable and draw the attention of people to look closely a

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  3. Wedding Invitations: Impress Your Guests with Alluring Laser-cut Wedding Cards!

    Weddings are some of the most special and memorable days a couple can share. Seeing family and loved ones, enjoying food and festivities, and taking in the splendor of the day all add to the excitement surrounding the big event. When choosing the announcements for your big day, you’ll want an invitation matching the energy and anticipation of the wedding.

    One of the best card options, vibrant and colorful or sleek and elegant, is laser-cut wedding invitations. These precisely cut and detailed wedding invitations will surely capture your style. Let’s take a look at some of laser cutting's finer points.

    The Benefits of Laser Cut Wedding Cards

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  4. How Does Your Candle Box Packaging Have an Impact on Your Brand Identity?

    Free Unrecognizable person with Christmas present box Stock Photo

    When it comes to the visual representation of a company, many owners forget simple ways to leave their brand lingering in a customer’s consciousness—methods such as appreciation cards, emails, or even packaging.

    How Does Candle Box Packaging Add Value to Your Business?

    When someone orders a candle from your business, the candle box packaging is the first tangible thing they see from the company. Packaging makes the first impression. A customer can be dazzled before they even know about the product. The customi

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  5. Designing the Ideal Candle Packaging Labels: A Complete Guide

    What’s A Candle Packaging Label?

    A candle packaging label is the wrapping containing identifying information such as ingredients and branding imagery. Federal law requires that you list the name and location of your business on the label. In addition to these requirements, the label should contain information about the type of candle, brand, scent, weight, and country of origin. The label should also include your website, logo, and candle scent. The buyer needs this information to help with their selection while enabling them to identify your brand.

    Types of Candle Labels And Packaging

    A candle's packaging is the opportunity to showcase your brand style and skills as a candlemaker. There is no wrong or right way to label and package your candles ou

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  6. Top 5 Essential Reasons Why Successful Businesses Distribute Promotional Brochures and Flyers

    Marketing is a foundational element of running a successful business. If you're running a business and want to spread the word about current promotions, offers, and sales, you can do so with promotional brochures. Using company brochures to advertise a promotion you are running is one of the best methods of reaching a target audience, regardless of the industry you represent.

    What Are Company Brochures?

    Company brochures represent a business or brand while providing information regarding current or upcoming promotions. Using company brochures can help spread the word about your business and generate the interest of prospective customers and clients.

    Benefits of Brochures in Marketing

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  7. How to Design Beautiful Wedding Invites That Won't Affect Your Budget?[Infographic]

    Your wedding day: A once-in-a-lifetime event representing the love that you and your significant other shares. The wedding invitation indeed holds infinite importance as you reflect on a lifelong courtship many years from now.

    The invite is an official statement for a wedding announcement. Today, you may see many kinds of wedding invites available. From handcrafted materials to laser-designed invites, you will find many types that cater to your idea of having a dream wedding.

    Best Tips to Save Money on Wedding Invites!

    Planning a dream wedding could be strenuous if you don’t establish an appropriate budget.

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  8. Why Choose Eco-friendly Printing? [Infographic]

    What Is Eco-friendly printing?

    Protecting our planet by utilizing eco-friendly products has become the need of the hour. Online printing companies have gradually started taking action by providing cheap custom packaging to scale their production units, keeping in mind the increasing eco-friendly demands of their customer base. 

    The term “Eco-friendly printing” refers to the use of raw ingredients (product’s perspective) that are obtained naturally from the environment and possess the power to pose less risk to our surroundings. Ingredients used for printing purposes are ink, tech-machinery, and the materials on which printing will be done.

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  9. Tips On Saving Effort And Money On Your Wedding Invitations


    Choosing the right invitations is an important and memorable part of the wedding. After all, it often serves as an indicator of the type of nuptials you are planning as well as a glimpse at the couple being joined together.

    Laser Cut Wedding Invitations are fresh and new-often defying what any invited guest would expect when they open the envelope. The unique designs, intricate details, and unexpected patterns create an inventive, one-of-a-kind invitation that will compel people to attend. Wedding invitations are not cheap, but there are some ways to cut costs and still have the exact invites that you want for your

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  10. Tips for Creating Engaging Signage

    Traditional advertising methods remain integral to the way many business owners market their products and services today. Even though online advertising has delivered solid results, you cannot disregard traditional advertising methods completely. You should still take an interest in custom sign printing because it can provide a huge boost to your business.

    Business signage remains highly effective due to its accessibility. Those big signs can easily be seen by anyone walking or driving by. They can make an impression on people quickly and that will be critical for your business’ prospects.

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