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  1. 5 Tips to Help Improve Your Productivity


    Getting the most out of your day? Most of us want to find a way to get a bit more done and combat distractions have you tried these?


    Time is our biggest resource, our biggest luxury and the easiest thing to spend without thinking. Finding ways to manage your working time can make your jobs easier – and your time off more rewarding too. These are our best tips for getting more out of the hours in your day – what are yours? Let us know in the comments. Now, where’s that to-do list?


    1. Know what your goals are

    How to be productive, step one – set some goals. This is one of the most important tools at your disposal.

    We tend to have 3 kinds of things to put on a to-do list:

    Ambitions – ‘I want to become Boston’s favorite wedding photographer”

    Daily habits – ‘get at least

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  2. Four Concepts that Small Businesses Can Learn from Multinational Companies

    You don’t need to be a megacorporation to have mega business skills. Take a cheeky bite out of a big company’s years of experience with these lessons from the blue-chips.


    1. It’s all about the relationships

    Even in a world of automation and digital business, there’s one essential ingredient that only human beings can provide: trust. Without it, deals aren’t made, sales aren’t placed, and things simply can’t happen.

    One trust-fueled success story is Airbnb, one of the big kahunas of the sharing economy. With a business model built around customers opening their homes with strangers, the trust factor is make or break. Airbnb has made it work using a strong brand built on ideas of connection, friendship and hospitality, backed up with a big investment in customer service to iron out any problems early in the process.

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  3. Designing the Perfect Logo

    Whether you’re designing a logo yourself or commissioning someone to create one for you, here’s everything you need to know to find a unique design that expresses your brand personality.


    What is a logo and why does it matter?

    A logo is one of the most recognizable elements of any brand. It’s the iconic graphic that sits at the top of every Letterhead, adorns every piece of packaging and has pride of place on the front page of your website. So, what does it take to create one that represents you best?

    What makes a good logo?

    Your logo needs to:

    -represent your brand values, so that when people see it, their understanding of your brand will be strengthened

    -blend smoothly with the rest of your branding, such as your color palette and font, to create a strong and consistent visual identity

    -be memorable

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  4. Advertising for your Small Business Effectively

    Written By: Karen Brown


    Don’t know your PPC from your SEO? Step this way for an absolute beginner’s guide to buying your first online ads.


    Online advertising is a pretty sophisticated business these days, and if you’re a new start-up you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the varieties of ads available. Here’s a run-down of some common types of online advertising, what they can do for you, and how to get started using them.


    Display Ads

    Online advertising in its simplest form. Also known as banner ads, they can appear in various places, such as along the side (skyscraper ads), across the top (leaderboards) or tucked into small spaces within a page (button ads).


    How it works

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  5. Branding for your Business


    Building your brand is a critical part in how people perceive your business personality.  The direction you go with how you come across in your brands style, tone, look and feel are the main factors of your brand. Here’s how they reflect your business personality.



    One of the most important steps when considering your business branding is color.  Color tends to me related to moods.   Remember the 1975 Mood Rings which were created to determine how a person feels based on color?   Well brand colors can somewhat do the same thing.   Everyone may perceive color associations differently, but below are some are trends that seem to be pretty standard in business practices


    -Red is bold, exciting and energetic (Typically a showstopper and overpowers

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  6. The Impact of UPCs & Scanners on the Grocery Industry


    What are Universal Productcodes (UPCs)?

    Simply put, universal product codes (UPC codes) are barcodes placed on products or

    their packaging that identifies the products electronically.  Each code is made up of bars

    that are digitally readable.  Numbers are included in the codes that make it possible for humans to read too.  When scanned in a retail store, the UPC codes communicate what item was scanned and the price the retailer is charging for the item.  Shoppers are familiar with UPCs being used in this manner.  What many aren’t aware of is how they came about, how they have revolutionized a large portion of the retail business, and the impact they have had on other functions related to the retail business such as buying, ordering (replenishment), distribution, and the tracking & verific

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  7. Choosing a Small Business Name that Encapsulates your Values

    Where do great brand names come from? (Spoiler: it’s not from a business name generator.) Sometimes it’s a lightbulb moment, and at other times good old strategic thinking does the job. Here’s how to find yours.


    How to come up with a business name

    Whether you’re a creative business, a commercial start-up or a professional service, your company name is a major component of your new brand. It will stand for everything that you do, and you’ll build your company’s identity around it.


    Whether you’re a creative small business, a commercial startup or a professional service, your company name is a major component of your new brand. It will stand for everything that you do, and you’ll create your company’s identity around it.


    Your name needs to be unique, so that you’re distinct from your competitors an

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  8. Understand when it is the Perfect Time to Rebrand


    Looking to shake up your brand, but not sure if the time is right? Here are some of the reasons you might change your company’s look, feel or even name, and how to decide whether a rebrand is right for you.


    Find your rebranding strategy

    A rebrand, however successful or rewarding, is a major business decision that comes with lots of hard work and its share of risks, too. That’s why it’s important to have a strategy in place for when, and how, you will change your branding, and what you want to achieve by doing it.


    The starting point is to think about why you might want to rebrand. Of course, every business is different, but there are some common landmark events that make companies change their logo, name or visual identity, each with its own underlying business challenge that rebranding can help solve. We’ve p

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  9. Choosing a Branding Agency: How To



    A good branding agency can help you transform your business and reach new markets and customers. But how do you choose the right one?


    Why work with a branding agency?

    Let’s be honest hiring an agency is a significant investment. And the returns on that investment won’t be immediate. But it can still be a move worth making, even in the early days of your business. Here are some of the reasons an agency could be the best option for your company.


    Expertise and efficiency:

    An agency can do things faster and more expertly than your in-house team, because they do it every day and have it down to a fine art.


    Keeps business-as-usual ticking over:

    By hiring an agency, you’re reserving your in-house resources for the everyday tasks they do bes

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  10. Create the Packaging that Has the best Unboxing experience!


    If you own a small business and sell anything online, you probably know your way around packaging like it is the back of your hand.   But there is more to the world of packaging than just plastic packaging and cardboard boxes. Unboxing should be a magical moment for all your customers and should shy away from the mundane brown color that covers every cardboard box.  The unboxing process has become quite the event over the past few years with unboxing videos reaching astronomical amounts of views.  It’s time to step up your packaging with some innovative ideas and soon enough your packaging may be featured in an unboxing video!


    What is unboxing?

    The exact moment that your customers lay eyes on your packaging is when the unboxing experience starts.  It is the thrill of excitement and can be expres

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