Choosing environmentally responsible options can prove beneficial to the planet and the consumer. While eco-friendly custom sign printing choices have become more prevalent, are the prices affordable enough for businesses to adopt them? Let’s examine some of the benefits of choosing eco-friendly options.

What is the Importance of Eco-Friendly Sign Printing For Businesses?

Ecologically sound printing is more than just using recycled products. Eco-friendly printing solutions can generate improvements across a wide range of business variables that may not initially be recognized.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Whether an individual or a corporation, reducing your carbon footprint is essential for modern businesses. Your carbon footprint represents the total amount of emissions, waste, resources, and energy created and used during a specific time frame, for instance, a month.

Examples of carbon contributions include the utilities a business requires, like electricity and water. Carbon can also refer to the materials a company uses and how they manufacture and transform these materials.

Furthermore, the methods by which businesses are supplied with raw materials and the resources used to generate a steady supply of energy and other resources are also tied to a business's carbon footprint.

This is why every little bit counts when considering the carbon impact of a business. By choosing eco-friendly printing options, a company can start a process of transforming its consumption. A tiny snowball at the top of a hill can significantly impact the bottom.

Gain More Customer Loyalty By Going Green

When considering eco-positive options, it’s essential to consider the impact on customers. Now, more than ever, consumers are consciously aware of many aspects of ecology and our roles in the planet's health.

Customers pay attention to honest attempts at healthy or ecologically-friendly decisions of businesses and appreciate the commitment to change. When a company makes moral choices to improve its practices for the planet's health, consumers will often respond positively with loyalty and return business.

Plus, the options for going green are regularly as affordable as traditional choices, so customers don’t feel pinched for doing the right thing.

Promote Your Brand

Developing a brand that speaks for itself is every business’s dream. The path to achieving such notoriety often begins with clearly defining the company's core principles. Eco-friendly choices, for instance, signal that they are thinking about more than just the bottom line.

These revelations of conviction are exactly what draws customers in, too. When a company is honest and open about its eco-friendly choices for materials and processes, its brand can become synonymous with positive ecological and economic decisions.

Reduce Waste

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. This phrase has been around for decades, but now, more than ever, the call for creative waste reduction has never been more prevalent. As a company needing printed products, choosing recycled paper products can represent a significant step towards resource reductions.

Equally, choosing paper means a company’s waste can become recycled goods all over again. Selecting materials with more than one life expectancy is critical to reducing waste.

Increase Employee Morale

Recent studies show that, as the workforce becomes younger, issues of company policy and procedure regarding the environment are a top priority for many workers. Employees like to know that they’re working for a company that is doing its part to be an excellent partner to the environment and Earth.

When eco-friendly products and processes are in use, employee morale will likely reflect these positive choices.

Use Less Toxic Materials

Another aspect of positive ecological printing practices involves the ink types used. Older printing inks were considerably more toxic and not so great for the environment.

Modern inks are often water-based or made of organic, non-toxic bases, such as soy or plant-based oils. These ink alternatives can supply the same level of print quality as more toxic inks but don’t pose such a threat to the quality of the environment.

Less toxic materials are also safer for employees in the printing business and the company receiving the printed supplies.

Going Green With Sign Printing – Is it Viable?

EnvironPrint Infographic

Although past attempts to go green have been met with some resistance, modern technology and printing processes have made both possible and more profitable ecologically friendly choices.

Water-Based Inks Are Also High-Quality

As mentioned earlier, inks used in printing in the past could be more toxic due to the solvents, oils, and dyes being used. As water-based inks have become formulated to compete with these traditional choices, there is no longer a sacrifice in quality by choosing them.

Water-based inks represent a far more environmentally sound choice. However, there can be some restrictions to the substrates used for printing. This is an excellent question to ask a print shop professional when choosing a printing company.

Are Water-Based Inks Also Affordable?

For the most part, water-based inks are as affordable as most other printing options currently available. There are always cheaper options to be found, but, as they say, you get what you pay for.

Water-based inks offer many more ecological advantages, which outweigh the cheaper, but less eco-friendly choices, too, such as a less toxic mixture of ink and related solvents. Manufacturing water-based inks can also represent a more ecologically positive choice, and the process is comparable in price to traditional inks.

Where To Find the Best Custom Sign Printing Solution?

Searching for printing options that are high-quality, reasonably priced, and ecologically friendly can take time and effort. Fortunately, EnvironPrint represents the best of this triad of choices. Whether choosing paperboard signs or a plethora of other printing designs and decisions, EnvironPrint’s process is easy to use and navigate for customers of all types.

With fast turnaround times and no order minimums, print jobs can be processed and returned to clients quickly and efficiently. And, of course, at EnvironPrint, we pride ourselves on offering eco-friendly choices across the board.

Contact our print professionals to find more information about printing solutions for your business or organization. Whether needing assistance with the design process or simply want to finalize some choices, we’re here to help.