Custom Box Making

Developing your brand often involves making a connection with your customers. Whether it be writing blog posts that give details of your company’s personal style and creative elements or developing a unique logo or signage to represent the business, providing a little of yourself to your customers and clients can make a massive difference in the power of your brand’s connectivity.

Custom boxes are another powerful branding tool, as you deliver products within a more visually attractive package and offer imagery and phrasing that directly relates to your business's ethos. Let’s take a closer look at how partnering with a custom box-making company can be the catalyst for boosting your business to the next level.

What to Consider When Designing Custom Packaging

Custom boxes and packaging can represent a new marketing and advertising avenue for diverse businesses. Exciting or informative visuals can help a company connect with customers in several ways. But it’s also important to remember the necessity for the boxes in the first place.

The boxes you choose can add visual and informational value for your customers and clients, but don’t forget to consider the functionality of these containers too carefully. A box should very much match the product it’s holding. Ask yourself:

  • Does the box strength and construction match the weight of the product(s)?
  • Is the shape and sizing of the boxes equivalent to the shape and size of the product(s)?
  • Will the box work on display shelves as well as for shipping?

It’s also important to consider overall packaging costs. If the box looks great but significantly reduces your profit margin, is that packaging the right choice?

Even how the boxes are manufactured can be a selling point for companies and their customers. For instance, many younger or ecologically-minded consumers consider boxes made from recycled or eco-friendly methods a much more favorable choice.

Your business may want to conduct market research to see what options are essential to your existing customers and which variations may entice new customers. Asking for customer feedback is also necessary to create brand loyalty while providing your business with valuable data.

Types of Packaging

Choosing memorable packaging for your products is necessary for adequately managing company costs. Consider what you’re selling now and what you intend to offer in the future, and choose accordingly.


By far one of the most functional and popular designs for packaging and shipping, boxes are utilized in various industries and businesses. From shoes and jewelry, to food and beverage containers, boxes shoulder an immense amount of work for shipping and displaying goods.

At EnvironPrint, we offer boxes in a myriad of forms and functions. Not only do our boxes effectively house products, but with the right customization, you’ll also successfully advertise your brand.

Choose between:

  • Shelf-ready boxes- No assembly required, and shelf or display ready.
  • Cosmetic boxes- Most popular for retail cosmetics, complete with necessary packaging and printing.
  • Nutraceutical Boxes- An excellent choice for natural food packaging.
  • POS display boxes- Perfect for catching people’s eye and selling your product and brand.
  • Custom boxes- Color, font, and graphics are part of your creative palette for these retail-style boxes.


Sometimes an item requires added protection when in its box. Using inserts helps to cushion and immobilize delicate or sensitive products or creations. Inserts also serve as a method for displaying an item within a box, giving the recipient a presentation when they open it.

There are also more practical inserts, such as the corrugated dividers in wine or liquor boxes, which keep the glass from clanging together and breaking. In a way, showing the customer that you value the worth of your product with these protective measures also lets them know that you value them as patrons, too.

Poly Mailers

If you’re looking for an affordable and versatile shipping option for items that aren’t fragile or breakable, poly mailers are a fantastic choice. In essence, poly mailers are upgraded manila envelopes, except these containers are weather resistant and are usually padded with a layer of bubble wrap.

An excellent choice for clothing, fabrics, or light to mid-weight, flexible items, the polys can often be reused. They’re also a perfect option for return shipping envelopes. Plus, they can be customized with any logo, coloring, or labeling necessary.

Features of Box Making

It’s always important to consider what kind of products will be boxed to help determine the materials and accessories that may be needed in addition to the boxes. It’s also necessary to consider the strength and rigidity the boxes will require to hold the products safely.


Creating a safe and stylish package for your product may require a few extras, depending on the weight or fragility of the item. Packaging tape, clear acrylic or water-activated Kraft paper, can distinguish between passing or failing boxes. It’s best to avoid taking chances.

Internally, the boxes may also require tissue paper, bubble wrap, or other dual-purpose protection and promotion materials. Imagine the protective paper also being printed with your company logo. Not only does the customer see the extra effort to protect the merchandise, but they also recognize your commitment to infusing your style.

Material Used

The type of material with which the boxes are constructed can make quite a difference in functionality.

Paperboard SBS (Solid bleached sulfate)

A prevalent option, paperboard SBS is often used in retail, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical packaging. Paperboard can come finished or unfinished and is an excellent printable surface. It typically comes in weights of 16pt, 18pt, and 24pt. The higher the number, the thicker the paperboard.


Commonly appearing as cardboard, corrugated refers to a paperboard with fluted paper laminated to or between it. Corrugated can be manufactured as a single face, in which the fluted paper is exposed on one side.

It can also be single, double, or triple-walled, in which the fluted paper is walled on both sides and then stacked to create strength and stability. Corrugated cardboard is used in a large number of shipping and packaging boxes.


These terms reference the wallboard's thickness and the strength they possess. Descending through A, B, C, E, and F flutes, with A being the largest, each type is used for different products needing varying packaging strength.

For instance, a B flute will resist crushing when stacking heavier items like produce or bottled liquids. An F flute also resists crushing during stacking but is much better suited for soap, candles, or gift boxes.

Why Do You Need Custom Box Making

Creating custom packaging is an excellent method for enticing and educating customers. Custom box printing allows for unique aspects of a business to shine through. And customers who receive custom boxes are more likely to recognize the company and develop a connection to the brand.

What To Consider When Going For Custom Box Making

Creating custom boxes for your business and products will require creativity and imagination, but ultimately it comes down to what catches your eye first and foremost. Trust your instincts and notice which trends best translate or transfer to your brand.

What is your product?

Of course, the first question to be addressed is what kind of packaging the product needs. How should it be protected, presented, or promoted? Are you selling a mindset as well as merchandise? The packaging should tell a story before the product is even seen.

What kind of material is appropriate for it?

Some products only require a traditional box design; others need a refrigerator-safe box. Carefully consider what kind of products will be in the boxes when deciding on the materials for the boxes.

Eco-friendly box materials are also an excellent choice. They reuse materials, reduce the carbon footprint, and often tell customers much about a company’s commitment to running a more ecologically sustainable business.

What is your design?

This question can be one of the more difficult ones for some, as a box design will often serve as a first impression for many consumers. Even the design placement on the box can be an important detail to consider. Some of the best designs are also the easiest to recognize or remember, so complexity isn’t always necessary to achieve memorability.

Get Creative

Using customized or specialty boxes to sell your products offers many benefits. From building a brand to protecting a fragile item, custom boxes can fit the needs of many products.

With EnvironPrint, you’ll be partnering with a box-making company that understands how much a product’s design can influence the buying public while recognizing the necessity for offering more environmentally friendly choices for packaging and printing. Contact us today to see what unique designs we can create together.