What’s A Candle Packaging Label?

A candle packaging label is the wrapping containing identifying information such as ingredients and branding imagery. Federal law requires that you list the name and location of your business on the label. In addition to these requirements, the label should contain information about the type of candle, brand, scent, weight, and country of origin. The label should also include your website, logo, and candle scent. The buyer needs this information to help with their selection while enabling them to identify your brand.

Types of Candle Labels And Packaging

A candle's packaging is the opportunity to showcase your brand style and skills as a candlemaker. There is no wrong or right way to label and package your candles outside of complying with federal labeling laws for a flammable item. You're free to use a label printed on environmentally friendly matte paper with clean letters or use foil labels printed with colorful graphics and scripted lettering. Candle packaging requires using a non-porous and non-flammable material to contain the candle for use.

The Candle Holder

Candles can be poured into glass, metal, or ceramic containers for safety and fire resistance. Outside of those requirements, nothing says you can't use a jam jar or coffee mug as a container for the candle wax. You're free to use a container that's got a funky shape or one that's a traditional cylinder. Be mindful that you're going to be placing a primary and safety label onto the container, and you're going to need an area large enough for said labels.

Another consideration is the interior finish of the container or vessel. Avoid using a container that doesn't have a sealed interior, as it will absorb the wax during the pouring process. After losing wax, the candle won't burn evenly.

The Primary Label

As previously mentioned, federal rules known as the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act dictate the information be included on every candle made for sale. The primary label needs to contain language that identifies the contents of the product, the name and place of the manufacturer, and the total weight of the product—the material used to make the candle needs to be listed on the label for candles.

The Safety Label

Candles are made from combustible materials, which means they have to carry a safety label that outlines their safe use according to federal law. However, the safety label doesn't have to be on the front of the candle. It can be placed on the rear or opposite side of the primary label or the bottom of the container.

The National Candle Association offers downloadable graphics that can be used to design the safety label and stay in compliance with federal candle safety standards. You'll also want to make sure that the label follows the guidelines set out by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Candlemakers can also add their safety warnings to the label if they so choose.

Candle Packaging

The candle won't be burned inside the packaging, and it also makes it easier for the buyer to carry their purchase home. Plus, you can put your labeling on the outside of the packaging to maintain your branding. If you want to play it safe, you can put a label onto the packaging that states that it's not to be used to burn the candle.

Picking The Best Materials For Candle Labels

Ideally, a candle label is made from a heat-resistant material. A burning candle heats the container and label, an action that can cause the label to lose its adhesiveness and even smolder if the candle becomes hot enough. The best material for candle labels is biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) which uses a permanent acrylic adhesive to adhere to the container.

white paper on white textile

Your labeling considerations are different if you make pillar candles with no exterior container. It's challenging to make a label stick to wax in general, and the label is at risk of burning as the candle is used. Instead of frustrating yourself trying to find a label that adheres to wax, stick the label on the bottom of the candle..

How to Choose a Unique Shape and Size for Your Candle Labels

Squares and circles are the most common shapes for candle labels because they're efficiently designed. However, there is no rule that says you must abide by these label shapes. There is an opportunity to create a unique shape and size for your candle labels and make your candles stand out from the competition.

Begin the design process by identifying geometrical shapes that fit your design aesthetic, then print them out as line drawings in different sizes. Cut out the shapes and hold them to your candle or container. You can play around with placement and size until you find a combination of the two that feels right.

The Different Ways to Decide the Custom Size of Candle Labels

You can use a few approaches to decide the final size of your candle labels before sending them off to the printer for custom printing. Think of your candle or container as a blank canvas waiting for you to start your work, and don't hesitate to put your personality into its creation.

Take The Measurements of The Candle

You can measure your candle or container and draw out a box or rectangle on paper with a ruler. Or, you can measure your candle or container and input the measurements into a paint program to generate a template. The resulting shape gives you a template that you can use to draw up candle labels of different proportions.

Design Labels of Different Shapes And Sizes

Use the candle template to draw up different label shapes and get a feel for its final look. Take your time, don't be afraid to try different shapes, and get input from others to help you guide your thinking. Use as many different shapes and sizes as possible, then narrow down your work to decide.

Remember: You can always use your runners-up as a label for a different candle line or place them on the packaging for the candles.

Make A Template

Once you've decided on the label shape, you need to layout your artwork and lettering. Begin with the lettering to make sure you can comfortably fit in all of the required information, then use the remaining space to put in any graphics you want to include. Save the file to use again for all of your candle scents and send it to the printer.

The Label Design Reflects Your Brand

The candle label is your opportunity to create your brand and create a visual association between the candle and you as the candle maker. You want to be as unique as possible while keeping an eye on labeling requirements, but this isn't necessarily difficult to accomplish. During your design process, you may wish to follow a particular labeling trend that consists of vintage-looking lettering on a textured surface, or you want to make the label an extension of your personality. Another consideration is using a consistent layout and font for your lettering but different graphics for the candle scent and type.

Sometimes buyers pick up a candle because the label is exciting and draw them in to look further. Their decision to buy is initially based on the visual and scent, but if they like the candle well enough, they'll associate the label with your brand. When a buyer sees your label at an art show or market, they'll recognize your brand from their previous purchase and enter your booth at the very least to see what's new or buy more of the same.

The same psychology applies to an online shop or store, although online shopping is more deliberate and connected than going to a market. However, when the buyer identifies your candle label on the monitor as one they're familiar with, they're far more likely to become a repeat shopper.

Get A Personalized Candle Label With EnvironPrint

At EnvironPrint, we make it easy for you to get your candle labels printed to your specifications. We offer a design tool that allows you to select any shape and size and use your graphics made in a paint program or through Canva. You can also download our file templates to help you design your labels. Our candle labels are made from durable paper and use an adhesive designed to stick to glass candle jars. We use full-color digital printing and water-based ink for vibrant results.

In Conclusion

Your candle label is the finishing touch to the hard work and effort you put into making your candles. At EnvironPrint, we provide you with tools and support to make your candles look great when you position them for sale. We offer you custom printing options that most other printers don't, enabling you to get the candle label that meets your needs and expectations. Give us a call or check out our website today to learn more about our printing services. We're an environmentally friendly printing company, and we're invested in making the earth a better place to live.