With the outbreak of COVID-19 in recent times, the event industry had already suffered a major setback. Company events that boosted industry revenue were greatly affected such as cancellations of convention programs, prestigious festivals, sporting events, etc. Since such events required people to meet in person and interact, the pandemic made it come to a standstill, drastically impacting revenue. Although, with the healthcare sector's time, patience, and indispensable efforts, the virus was somewhat managed, and we could experience the industry picking up gradually. 

It has become an absolute necessity for events, and convention shows to plan their marketing structure, even during these times. Promotion of your convention can be done via handy printing materials as well as other marketing collateral. 

Informational materials are easily accessible and can say an abundance about your brand, even before your show starts. Not only does it provide an overview of what your business is about, but it also makes your audience familiar with what you're going to offer via the presentation or at the trade counter. 

Speaking of tangible informational sources, their primary advantage is the ability to be accessed in times like these, where in-person interaction sounds rather impractical. Sources like booklets, business cards, and program catalogs are budget-friendly and have the potential to reach a wider audience. If you are planning to host a business convention, you must consider a variety of marketing materials, their printing cost, and return on that investment, in particular. Even though it sounds like a manageable task at first, letting a professional draft the route would be an ideal approach for your convention. 


Let's have a look at contemporary marketing materials that you can use to make your brand a showstopper in the upcoming conventions - 

  • Postcards are highly beneficial for businesses to hold pocket-friendly exposure to their audience. Being simply affordable and efficient, they can be used to notify your visitor about your event in advance. Postcards are a good and effective source of building business reputation and excite your potential customers with little details. You can get vivid postcards from online printing services that offer premium printing materials, graphic colors that make them smooth and immaculate. 

  • Business Cards - A business card is a tangible expression to let your visitors know about you and become a part of your business community. It includes general information like your business's name, location, and niche, additional details about the company like operational hours, contact numbers, etc. They are highly portable, can fit into wallets, even pockets, and are one of the best ways to create contact. You must choose durable card materials or maybe include UV protection from online printing services, so your business cards withstand for a long time.

  • Business Brochures - A brochure is a multi-faced printed material that opens up with numerous faces, each having information inscribed on them. Business brochures come in handy when you want to give out your visitors something to read about your business on their go. In addition, they can be easily distributed, and the more they circulate, the more your business is in the open. They can highlight details about your primary, high-selling products or services on the front pages. Feel free to unleash your creativity on the rest panels and personalize them with FAQs (frequently asked questions) to keep your audience well informed. 

  • Booklets - Reading articles like booklets are a must-to-have during conventions because they go a long way in portraying your business objectives, any additional piece of information that convention visitors would be happy to know. They are easy to read, have descriptive citations, and are portable. The attendees could succinctly gather details about you while the event is going on and interchange ideas in a better manner.

  • Event Programs - Booklets are quite popular in the events industry, where the guests are handed over a brochure that lists the details of the event, objective, and other requisites. They must start with the introductory page that describes your business, your role in the convention, forthcoming activities, and discussion about the subsequent ventures to enlighten your audience. 

  • Catalogs - Business catalogs are a way to educate your audience about the product or service your business will be offering soon. With detailed images of your products, you can make them aesthetic and highly informative. Glossy catalogs that highlight the premium look of your business front leave a rather impactful impression on the visitors and allure them perfectly. 

  • Signage - It could be an ideal way to blend information with vivid pictures, which is why you must include signage, posters, etc., to create a buzz around your booth at the convention. With graphic-driven images that are glossy, modern, and of high quality, you can proclaim a clear business objective to the front. Make sure to get them printed in sizable fonts to attract more attention. Since posters usually give away the first impression of a brand, try to use a pleasant template that engages the visitors conveniently.


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