Manufacturing and selling high-quality candles is the goal of your business. But, building your brand is important for your candle business success also.

You're always searching for the latest trends in candle fragrances and the types of candles your customers want for mood lighting, gifts, candle jars, and tapers. Maybe you even have a signature scent that's only available from your candle company.

All of these things boost your business, but there's another thing you can add to your business growth arsenal – Candle Boxes Wholesale.

Candle boxes printed with your company's name and logo can help increase the growing demand for your candles and build brand awareness. Customers love candle boxes and often find creative ways to reuse the boxes, which helps your company get more exposure. In addition to protecting your carefully crafted candles, customized candle boxes are an investment in the future growth of your business.

The positive impact candle boxes can have on developing customer loyalty and brand awareness is worth it.

Five Reasons Why Candle Businesses Love Candle Boxes Wholesale

When you're growing your candle business, you most likely want to concentrate on the candle-making process. After all, the love of candles is why you began your business. But, in order to do what you love, you have to be competitive.

Since you're already in the candle business, you've decided on the candles you want to sell, set up the prices for the candles, honed in on your target audience, and started promoting your business.

But, have you thought about how packaging can influence your potential customers' decisions about whether to buy your products or not? Packaging not only holds your candles but also identifies your products and your business.

The design, lettering, color choices, and candle box styles should entice consumers to buy your products. This is why so many candle businesses love candle boxes as important additions to their marketing strategies.

Keep the following considerations in mind when choosing your candle boxes:

  • Candle protection
  • Marketing benefits
  • Business identification
  • Product promotion
  • Packaging options
  • Design options
  • Sustainability

In addition to these considerations, here are five compelling reasons why candle companies love candle boxes:

Builds Brand Awareness

The key to a sustainable marketing strategy for your business is to make sure your customers identify with the business name and logo. Your business name and logo play huge roles in creating your brand identity. They make your candle business recognizable to your customers.

When your customers see your company name, they know your candle products are backed by your business values. Make sure you're consistent with your brand identity, using your name and logo on all your promotional materials. If you're successful in your branding, it leaves a lasting impression on your customers. This increases your value and gives you an advantage over your competition.

Having candle boxes printed with your name and designed logo adds value to your products and gets your name in front of customers. It improves your customer loyalty and consumers can instantly recognize your brand.

The people who purchase your candles want the whole buying experience. They want the candle and packaging that offers them the mood and atmosphere of your candle business. Custom-printed candle boxes are an attractive way to conjure up the aura of your candle shop.

By using printed boxes to build your brand, you add value to your business. It's also a great way to have a clear branding strategy that benefits all your future candle sales. When your customers see your name on their candle box, they know they're purchasing quality products they can trust.

Customers Love Candle Boxes

Not only does custom-printed candle packaging build your brand, but your customers also love the candle boxes. Whether you specialize in jar candles, outdoor candles, votive candles, or pillars, you can package all of them in printed boxes for your customers.

Did you know that the National Candle Association reports that people who buy candles consider them great gifts for the holidays, housewarming, dinner parties, thank-you, and birthday gifts?

Just think of the opportunity you have for attracting customers by including a charming gift box with their purchase. They'll view your products as the perfect gifts for all occasions.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Many consumers today are socially responsible. They look for businesses that use environmentally friendly packaging. A study by Paperimpact reported that 87 percent of consumers would choose a product with paper-based packaging. They also tend to become repeat buyers from eco-friendly companies. Using sustainable packaging increases your brand's value and builds trusting relationships with your customers.

Patrons can also reuse your sustainable candle boxes. You'd be surprised at how creative your customers are with your candle boxes. They can re-purpose them for storage, planters, jewelry boxes, photo storage, arts and crafts boxes, and pencil holders. Did you know that 90 percent of people find other uses for the packaging their purchases are packed in?

The ideas are endless for ways your customers can reuse your candle boxes. You could even add suggestions about how your customers can reuse your candle boxes after they unpack the candle.

Instead of packaging your candles in plastic or Styrofoam, think about paperboard candle boxes. This will have a positive influence on your customers and influence their purchasing decisions. Using environmentally friendly candle boxes not only helps the environment but it increases your customer base.

When you design your candle box, have a recycling symbol printed on the outside. Your customers will see that your business cares about the environment and commitment to sustainable packaging.

Protects Candles

You strive to manufacture high-quality candles that pique your customer's senses and set the mood for their needs. Why take the chance of your candles getting nicked or damaged after your patrons purchase them?

Candle boxes made from durable cardstock provide you with a way to package your candles and keep them safe after purchase. Whether you choose standard or recycled paperboard, your customers can be sure that the candles they bought are in perfect condition to give as gifts or to light up their homes and fill their senses with fragrance.

Personalized, Custom Designed Packaging

Personalized packaging and design are important for your candle business. After all, your candles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights. You can optimize your candle boxes by taking advantage of a professional printing and packaging company that offers personalized designs, box materials, and sizes that suit your business needs.

When you design your candle boxes, ensure that you have a few basics printed on the box:

  • Business name and logo
  • Candle weight
  • Candle aroma
  • Wax used, such as soy, paraffin, and beeswax
  • Contact information

Choose the graphic designs you want to reflect your business and have them printed on a variety of boxes, such as matte, glossy, or high glossy. You can also select the thickness of the boxes depending on the size and weight of the candles you're packing. If you're confused about all the boxes and design options, your printing company usually offers design tips for your candle boxes.

You also want to make sure you get the most cost-effective packaging options available. Purchasing candle boxes wholesale saves you money in the long term. It's a way to have all your packaging personalized with your brand name, logo, picture, or any other design you like at a fraction of the cost.

Your personalized candle boxes differentiate you from your competitors, putting your brand in the minds of customers. Personalized candle boxes should fulfill a variety of branding functions, such as:

  • Communicating your brand
  • Protecting your candles from damage and tampering during shipping or customer transport
  • Promoting your brand
  • Providing instructions for burning the candle safely
  • Benefiting your customers beyond just holding the candle
  • Adding appeal to your products

When you design your candle boxes, keep in mind that if your packaging has a balance of simple yet upscale, your customers will subconsciously view your candles as more valuable than your competitors. You want your candle boxes to have a high-quality look that makes your patrons want to reuse and display them in their homes. This way, your brand gets more exposure whenever someone sees your repurposed candle box.

In fact, if your customers think your candle box is attractive and unique, they might share it on social media, giving your business further marketing reach. When social media friends share and recommend products, you're more apt to get a sale from their recommendations. This is a great way to expand your target audience.

Printed Candle Boxes Help Your Business Grow

The top-selling points for many candle businesses are enticing packages coupled with gorgeous scented candles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Your packaging should promote your brand, improve your image, and build trusting relationships with your customers.

Put your branding strategies into motion by ordering your personalized candle boxes wholesale. These customizable boxes are economical, earth-friendly, and an effective marketing tool you can use to build your business. Nothing is more effective than customized candle boxes for putting your business above the competition.