Running a successful business today requires more than high-quality products and top-notch customer service. To remain relevant to your customers and supporters, maintaining an ongoing business relationship is a must.

Whether you create a thriving online presence using social media or choose to send a Merry Christmas card annually to your customers and clients, it is essential to understand the power of sending cards and maintaining communication at all times.

Why Send A Merry Christmas Card For Your Business

The holidays are a hectic time for millions of individuals and families alike across the globe. Promoting your products or services can quickly begin to feel overwhelming with the immense competition both online and off. You may find yourself bombarded with digital promotions, deals, and discounts that are taking away from your customers and profits.

Sending a Merry Christmas card from your business to your most loyal customers, clients, and associates is one of the best ways to maintain an ongoing business relationship, even during the busiest time of the year. Sending Christmas greetings is not only a way for you to keep in touch with those who have been loyal to your business in the past, but it is also a way to increase your chances of receiving repeat business and referrals in the future.

Who Should You Send Holiday Cards To As A Business?

As a business owner, choosing who to send a Merry Christmas card to will depend on the type of business you own, your business model, as well as the clients, customers, and associates you work with daily.

If you have a limited budget, consider sending a holiday card to those who spend the most with your company or those who have contracts with you. For smaller businesses, keeping in touch with all of the locals in your community can go a long way and mean more for the future of your business, even after the holidays have passed.

Consider the purpose of sending your holiday card as well as the message you intend to include. Are you trying to attract or retain customers? Do you want to spread a bit of holiday cheer in your local community while helping to increase brand awareness?

Having an objective and purpose in mind goes a long way when creating your list of card recipients, especially if you have a set marketing budget for the campaign.

Personalization Is Key

Whenever you send a card from your business to a current or prospective customer, personalization is vital. Including the recipient's name and any other data you have collected on an individual basis or using data points online can help connect with those who already support your business or wish to learn more.

Using personalization to connect with current clients, associates, and customers shows that you care for them and think of them, especially during the busy holiday season. By using personalization with your holiday cards, you can also help your business and brand to stand out amongst other mailers and holiday cards that are dry, simple, and impersonal.

Show Thanks And Appreciation For Support

When crafting the contents of your holiday card, show thanks and appreciation for the support you have received from your intended mailing list. Whether you intend to send a holiday card to your employees, current business partners, contractors, or even loyal customers, showing thanks and appreciation goes a long way when it comes to sustaining a business.

If possible, include personalized thank you notes to individuals who have gone above and beyond to help you with the growth and scaling of your business. Including highly personalized messages or even handwritten notes within some of your holiday cards can help you create and maintain even greater authentic connections with those involved with your business.

Create And Use Custom Holiday and Promotional Landing Pages

One of the best ways to put holiday cards and direct mailers to work for your business is to create and use custom holiday landing pages that coincide with your holiday cards themselves.

Direct recipients of your holiday card to a special landing page that is not available on the official website of your business. Use a special promotional landing page to track the engagement level you receive with your direct mailed holiday cards while also learning more about who is most likely to respond and interact with the cards you have sent out.

You can use your custom landing page to collect and analyze analytics and provide loyal customers and supporters with other deals or exclusive promotions.

Use your direct mail holiday card to help incentivize recipients to visit your promotional link or the URL you provide within the card itself. Include attractive buzzwords for marketing that help drive traffic to your website. Consider using a custom generated QR code for recipients to quickly scan to access your promotional landing page or even the official homepage of your website, depending on your marketing goals.

Use your custom holiday and promotional landing page to offer visitors an exclusive discount code unavailable anywhere else. Provide unique gifts or surprises that will keep your customers and supporters coming back for more. The options are virtually endless when using a custom landing page for promotional purposes with a direct mail marketing strategy that involves holiday cards. Using your holiday cards to connect personally, intimately, and digitally is a way to make the most out of any direct mail campaign you launch.

The Appeal of A Direct Mail Strategy

Direct mail is one of the oldest yet most popular forms of marketing that is still used today. Considered to be a traditional form of marketing, direct mail is still highly effective for numerous reasons.


One of the appeals of direct mail involves receiving personalized mail that is tangible and can be held in hand. Even with the rapid transition from paper to digital, many still prefer to read books they can hold in their hands. The same logic applies to those who prefer advertisements they can hold, read, and share with others right from their own hands.


Direct mailers provide an opportunity to connect with individuals more personally and intimately, rather than bombard their email inboxes as many other businesses and brands do today. By opting for a direct mailer, you have the chance to connect with those who are in dire search of authenticity and genuine connection with businesses and local providers.

Some of The Most Notable Benefits of Sending Direct Mail Today Include:

  • Connect with individuals on a personal and intimate level
  • Create highly customized and personalized holiday cards to help create and solidify connections with current and prospective customers
  • Send direct mailers to specific users, neighborhoods, and communities for highly targeted results.
  • Limit the number of holiday cards or direct mailers you send based on your budget as well as the number of individuals you intend to reach
  • Retain complete creative control over the look, style, and contents of the holiday card(s) you create and send
  • Work directly with local printing companies or order your direct mail holiday cards and materials online and remotely.
  • Implement white-label options into your holiday cards for seamless branding integration

Using direct mail is great if you are looking for new ways to connect emotionally with your following or local community, especially during busy holidays. The use of direct mailers can significantly impact your revenue while also helping to increase brand awareness when you need it most.

Plan And Print Holiday Cards In Bulk

Ordering holiday cards and direct mailers in bulk is highly advisable for any business, even if you send cards and mailers in small batches. Ordering cards in bulk rather than ordering them individually is one of the most cost-effective tips to incorporate with any of your direct mailing campaigns.

In some cases, it is still possible to incorporate customization such as names and other personal information into your printed cards, depending on what you wish to include with each of your printed cards.

Planning and printing the holiday cards you intend to send out for your business in bulk will help you save money while maximizing your marketing reach when it comes to local cities and communities.

Working together with a printing provider such as EnvironPrint is optimal for cost-effective solutions that are high-quality, customized, and personalized to fit the audience and demographics you intend to reach. With a bulk order, ensure you can reach as many prospective clients and customers as possible, regardless of the time of year you are launching your campaign.

Why Choose EnvironPrint?

If you are thinking of using holiday cards for your company or brand's upcoming promotion, consider turning to EnvironPrint

Whether you are interested in reaching thousands with your direct mailers or if you prefer to send highly customized holiday cards to a select few, we are here to help. To learn more about EnvironPrint and the direct mailing services we offer, contact EnvironPrint to discover how we can get you started with your custom holiday cards today.