Beautiful Gift Packs

When considering how to market your business, one of the critical aspects is appealing to your target customer. Catching and holding a customer's attention is at the heart of all successful marketing and advertising. When done right, the consumer doesn’t even realize the connection they’ve made with an image and brand.

For businesses who regularly use them as part of their packaging, custom-printed boxes can be the customer allure they’re seeking. Receiving unique, elaborately packaged goods can cultivate genuine excitement in consumers. Let's examine how graphics and box designs can be crucial to a company’s success.

Why Are Custom Printed Boxes Necessary For Online Businesses?

there, a savvy business person would have the opportunity to show off their wares and generate additional sales.

Having a brick and mortar directs advertising to focus on the shop. Even the location of the shop would be part of the marketing plan.

With online shopping inhabiting a large share of the modern marketplace, the store address, location, signage, and in-store shopping experience is no longer as relevant to the shopping experience. This loss of tangible connectivity can erode the marketing and advertising customer connection.

The tangible connection is revitalized by printing unique designs, specific messages, or other eye-catching branding on shipping and display boxes. Customers once again have a physical and visual reminder of the business they just received merchandise from and will continue to be reminded each time they see the box design.

What Are the Advantages of Custom Printed Boxes?

Choosing custom designs or words for your company’s boxes can offer many advantages. Adding customization is often key in garnering customer attention, from improved marketing and advertising to greater positivity about a product.

Advertise Your Brand

First and foremost, the boxes are great advertising. Company names, logos, graphic designs, or other unique prints are great for grabbing and holding consumer attention.

Printing a custom design on your packaging presents opportunities for advertising in the consumer’s home. Receiving a plain brown box doesn’t often grab attention. On the other hand, a color-printed box with a short company story can capture attention and consumer revenue.

The more original or tasteful the designs on the box, the more likely a merchant will also use your box as a display. There’s a good chance the box graphics will be eye-catching on the store shelves, leading to more sales.

Plus, once a displayed product sells well, there is a more significant chance similar products from the company will also deal, mainly if they’re housed in an exciting box.

Make Your Products Worth Gifting

Receiving a plain brown, non-specific package often deflates the fanfare associated with obtaining a gift. Whether we like it or not, as humans, we are quite sensitive to appearance and often use our reactions to determine an object or thing's worth.

On the other hand, if a person receives a package with a bow, ribbons, or unique branding, it is more impressive. When considering how to present products, consider the goods as gifts and package them accordingly.

It’s even worth considering the box itself as the gifting package. A high-quality, eco-friendly box can present a product as a treasured and sought-after item.


Different Printing Techniques for Custom Packaging

There are different techniques for printing available, depending on the type of material the box is made of and the patterns or designs you want to print.

EnvironPrint specialists will support you with questions regarding the ideal combination of print and box type. Each printing technique has its price point and advantages and disadvantages.

Talking to a knowledgeable and experienced print shop can do wonders for your decision-making and the company's bottom line.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is ideal for printing basic images or graphics using a flexible relief plate and a series of rollers, usually in no more than three different colors. This printing style is also ideal for printing large numbers of labels, packaging materials, or logos.

Litho Laminating

Known as a high-quality custom printing method, litho can transfer detailed, high-resolution images to boxes or other materials. Being able to print pictures, graphics, or ideas in greater clarity means being able to produce more customizable box designs. Raising the bar on the box imaging often increases the opinion on the product itself.

Digital Printing

Although inexpensive, this method can still apply full-color prints to box designs. Digital printing has made custom designs feasible for companies of all shapes and sizes, considerably lowering the price for good professional printing jobs.

5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Custom Packaging

Planning and finalizing a custom box design can be the final push that moves a business from good to great. However, capturing consumer attention with unique print jobs can be derailed if some essential details are overlooked.


Both the size of the printed images and the boxes themselves should be considered carefully before placing an order. First, ensure the box sizes will work for the inside products.

They should fit snugly and protect the merchandise inside.

Next, consider how the image(s) will appear on the boxes. Does the image fit on the box, or is it too small? These sizes can usually be adjusted to work correctly before printing begins. 


What box material will work best for the product and the box application? For instance, will the box be shipped or appear on a store shelf? A corrugated cardboard box is great for shipping but might not be the best choice for a display item.

The type of box material may also affect the type of printing process to be used. Discuss these issues carefully with your print shop in the planning stages.


Box shape can significantly affect how and where an image or design appears on a box. The box shape may also require a different design to accentuate its form. For instance, a long box may need a more linear structure, whereas a small, square box might work better with a round logo or design.

Odd-sized or shaped boxes are also great to pair with colorful labels, as the combination of the two are some of the best for grabbing customer attention.


Maintain simple and recognizable branding. Customers who need to guess or wonder what your design is are not making the intended connection.

Choose bold and bright, with simple messaging, especially when just starting to market and advertise with the box designs. The quicker a customer can recognize the design or message, the faster they’ll be able to commit it to memory.

Company Contact Details

Although last on this list, the company contact details should be considered relatively early. Focus on particulars that highlight or give additional company information.

For instance, company name and address, phone numbers or email addresses, social media handles, or even instructions for the product in the box can be beneficial in more than one way.

Customize and Personalize

Deciding to improve a company's packaging and shipping boxes can be more than just adding some color and flare. Choosing custom box designs not only enhances company marketing and advertising but can also signify a positive shift in the overall direction of the business.

If you’re ready to begin discussing personalized or customized box designs, allow our professional associates to collaborate and develop a specific plan for your business.

Whether choosing boxes to print, customized business labeling, business cards, or other business materials, EnvironPrint has what you need. Call us at 1-682-252-0578 or contact us on our website to see what EnvironPrint can do for you.