Traditional advertising methods remain integral to the way many business owners market their products and services today. Even though online advertising has delivered solid results, you cannot disregard traditional advertising methods completely. You should still take an interest in custom sign printing because it can provide a huge boost to your business.

Business signage remains highly effective due to its accessibility. Those big signs can easily be seen by anyone walking or driving by. They can make an impression on people quickly and that will be critical for your business’ prospects.

It also helps that marketing signage is relatively affordable. On top of that, your custom signage should last for a long time. Business signage rates highly in terms of the return it provides on your initial investment.

Investing in custom signage for your business is a terrific idea. Still, you cannot settle for displaying jusy any kind of sign. Find out how to create highly engaging signage for your business by checking out the tips we’ve included in this article.

Follow a Balanced Content Strategy When Designing Your Custom Sign Printing Creations

Custom signage can significantly boost your business’ profile. It can grant your business greater visibility and distinction from your competitors.

However, you should set your expectations properly when it comes to what your new sign can do for your business. Yes, it can yield all kinds of benefits, but it won’t be enough to sustain your business’ promotional needs by itself.

That’s why you need to develop a balanced content strategy around your signage. Use the product of custom sign printing as the tentpole of your revamped marketing strategy if you want to get the most out of it. You’ll get better results by approaching marketing in that manner.

So, how do you develop a balanced content strategy based on your custom signage? We have some suggestions for that as well.

Use the Custom Sign to Broadcast Your Main Advertising Message

Your custom sign presents you with an opportunity to put out the message you want. Display your message front and center for everyone to see and let them associate it with your business.

Once you’ve established that message, you can use other advertising methods to bolster it. Maintain that message throughout your campaign so you can create that lasting impression on your prospective customers.

Don’t Overload the Custom Sign

The temptation to overload your sign with everything you want to say will be present. You need to fight against that.

By overloading your sign, you risk making it ineffective. Instead of the sign helping get your message across, it may just confuse the people who see it. You obviously don’t want that so be careful about the content you feature in the sign.

Carefully choose the contents of the sign so people can interpret them easily. If you want to say more, use other marketing methods to do so. Use the sign to make your main point and then utilize other marketing avenues to elaborate on it.

That’s the kind of balance you should be aiming for.

Control the Tone of the Message Featured in Your Custom Sign

Balance also matters in terms of the tone of your message. Promote your business, but don’t be pushy.

Your goal with your signage is to make an impression on your potential customers. Ideally, you want that to be a positive impression.

Control the tone of your messaging so it doesn’t come off as too strong or over the top. Engage your customers with a softer tone because that will lead to more conversions.

Carefully Plan the Design for Your Custom Sign Printing Creation

The next tip we want to hit on is all about designing your custom signage. You only get one chance to make that first impression so your sign has to be designed with that in mind.

At the same time, you don’t want to rush the design process. You need to put a lot of thought into the design of your custom signage because it will be representing your business. Make sure that the final product is exactly how you want it to be.

Detailed below are some more concrete tips for designing your custom sign. Keep them in mind as you work on your custom sign printing creation.

Integrate Branding into Your Custom Sign

Branding elements should be front and center on your new custom sign. The name of your business should be prominently displayed and you should also include your company logo if you have one.

If you don’t have a logo, now would be a good time to come up with one. Creating a logo that is synonymous with your brand will be hugely beneficial. That logo can give you the instant recognition you need among your target prospects.

Don’t hesitate to pay a professional to create your logo because that will be worth it.

Avoid letting those branding elements take over your custom sign, but they should still be there. Those same branding elements should also be present in the other pieces of content that you release along with the sign.

Be Mindful of the Font and Word Count

Next, you have to consider the text that will be included in your custom sign. When it comes to text, you need to prioritize legibility. It doesn’t matter what you have written down if people looking at the sign cannot read it.

With that in mind, choose a font that appears clear on your signage. You don’t want something generic, but going overboard with the font is not ideal either. Hopefully, you can preview different fonts on your signage before choosing one.

Word count also matters when designing your custom sign.

Flooding the sign with text is not a good idea. Aside from decreasing legibility, using too many words can also make your sign confusing.

Try to keep the word count under 15 so people can clearly understand the message you’re trying to communicate.

Utilize Graphics Wisely

Graphics should also be included in your custom sign. The tough part about using graphics is picking the right ones. You may find that none of the available options fits your message just right.

In that case, you can use photographs and add them to your custom sign. Using photographs also adds a more personal element to your sign. That should help you forge that connection with your target customers.

Also, you can add a QR code to your sign so interested customers can learn more about your products and services. Just be careful about the placement of that QR code so it doesn’t take over the sign.

Coordinate the Colors and Backdrop for Custom Sign Printing Creation

Lastly, we want to highlight the importance of selecting the right colors and background for your custom sign. You’re probably aware that the colors and background you choose for your sign are important, but you may not realize just how much they matter.

Your choice of colors and background matters not just for the purposes of creating a beautiful sign. Those elements can also have an impact on your target prospects.

For this section, we’ve highlighted some pointers for choosing the right colors and background for your new sign.

Evoke the Right Emotions with Your Color Choices

The colors you use in your custom sign can evoke emotions in people.

According to VeryWell Mind, red is a color that grabs attention and encourages action. Meanwhile, the color blue can create this feeling of stability and dependability.

The color black projects luxury and mystery when people see it. Using white colors in your custom sign can give it a more modern feel. Consider using yellow if your goal is to give your custom sign a more joyful vibe.

Select the colors that are most appropriate for the kind of sign you want to create. Allow those colors to resonate with your customers so they become more inclined to interact with your business.

Select a Backdrop That Creates Contrast

Creating contrast is one way to get your custom sign to pop. Thanks to that, your sign will become prominent and it will draw the attention of more people. Contrast also makes your sign easier to read for any onlookers.

To create that contrast, you can select a dark-colored backdrop and place brightly-colored text over it. The opposite can also work, but some bright backdrops become tougher to see when the sun’s out.

You should also account for any surrounding buildings when choosing the color of your backdrop. The color should also contrast with them along with the text color you’re using.

Borders can also help you create additional contrast within your custom sign. The borders can work with the backdrop and the text to create a custom sign that is easy for everyone to read and interpret.

Continue experimenting with color combos until you’ve achieved the right amount of contrast.

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