Choosing the right invitations is an important and memorable part of the wedding. After all, it often serves as an indicator of the type of nuptials you are planning as well as a glimpse at the couple being joined together.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations are fresh and new-often defying what any invited guest would expect when they open the envelope. The unique designs, intricate details, and unexpected patterns create an inventive, one-of-a-kind invitation that will compel people to attend. Wedding invitations are not cheap, but there are some ways to cut costs and still have the exact invites that you want for your wedding.

Save effort and money on your wedding invitations with these tips:

Make A List

It all starts with a list. Begin your wedding planning with a working guest list. That is, try to think about who and how many you will be inviting so you can start figuring out a rough estimate of how many invitations you will need to order for your nuptials. Wedding invitations run the gamut in terms of price and time needed to make them, especially for larger affairs and big weddings. The number of guests, and the subsequent number of invitations also dictates the options available. There may be different selections based on how many you do or do not need.

Furthermore, this list will give you a rough number to provide to your printers when getting price quotes for an early, preliminary wedding budget. Printing professionals do know and acknowledge that numbers can change, but it gives everyone a point to start from.

Buy A Few Extra

When you have pinned-down the invitations and accompaniments that you plan to order from the printer, play it safe and order a few extra. Sure, you could cut corners and order exactly the right number, but it will cost a lot more if you need an invitation at the last minute. Even the most well-intended guest lists can change before the big day- make sure that you have a couple of extra invitations just in case. It will save you a lot of stress later.

Wedding experts suggest that you plan on around five to ten spare invitations for every 100 guests that you plan to invite. Sure, you can stick to your guest list, but a lot can change in the time it takes from drafting your guest list to walking down the aisle.

Don’t forget- you may also need a couple of invitations after the fact for memory albums, keepsakes, or other projects. Make sure that you have a few on-hand.

Order Invitations Early

When it comes to wedding invitations, it is never too early. Most wedding industry insiders suggest that you plan on ordering invitations early so that save the date cards can go out a year ahead- a whole year ahead! While this is not always feasible nor the case, don’t leave ordering your wedding invitations to the last moment.

In terms of good wedding etiquette, professionals say that you should plan to send out your actual wedding invitations about three months prior to the big day. Remember that invitations take time to make and print, so this does not mean that you should wait until four months before your wedding to order. The standard printing production can take a couple months, though some printers may offer expedited services at a premium rush rate.

Make it easier for all involved by ordering your invitations as early as you can and knowing the details of your big day.

Budget Your Priorities

Since this day belongs to you and your betrothed, consider the elements of it that are most important to you. Not everyone cares as much about the menu or having fresh flowers throughout the venue- you do what makes you happy, putting most of your budget and resources in those areas.

There is no wrong answer here- spend more on those things that will be most meaningful. If you are foodies, you may want to plan for the costs of hiring an esteemed caterer for an impressive several-course meal with wine pairings. If music and dancing make you most happy, spend the money on hiring a band and rent a stage. An open bar can get expensive, but if you limit offerings to wine, beer, and a couple of special signature, wedding day cocktails, you can cut the bill a bit.

If sending out premium invitations on high-quality stationary with all the bells and whistles is important to you, talk with a printing professional. Check out samples and ask about laser cut designs and customization for unique and distinctive options that are, in essence, small pieces of art that many will cherish and hang on to.

Talk to your partner to determine your short-list of priorities and focus most of your budget on that. Professional wedding planners offer creative solutions for all nuptials, but if you are doing your own wedding planning, try some of these ideas to curb expenses so you can put the money elsewhere:

  • Save on catering and food costs by hosting your wedding in-between lunch and dinner time, so that guests do not anticipate a sit-down meal. Or you could arrange a brunch with a morning ceremony, which is also far less expensive than most wedding dinner menus.

  • Instead of buying pricey floral arrangements for every table, use something cheaper- like fresh fruits and veggies! Another idea is to go with a single stemmed flower at every place set with a candle pillar in the center. It is quite a sophisticated and elegant approach that saves money in the end!

  • Some couples curb costs by having an intimate ceremony or exchange of vows- and then invite guests to a venue for a celebration. Whether you choose to visit a Justice of the Peace or have a notary marry you on the beach, it is far cheaper than booking a venue and covering the costs of a well-attended ceremony.

  • Marry- pun intended- the ceremony and your honeymoon into one single destination wedding event. Plan on tying the knot during your planned cruise, upcoming vacation, or during a scheduled stay at your timeshare. Invite your closest family and friends but know that many won’t be able to or choose to make the trip. For this reason, ask for an early RSVP.

The point is that by not trying to spread your wedding budget too thin by covering every item with abandon, you may miss out on the aspects that bring you and your significant other the most joy.

Plan on Postage

The price of postage seems to keep going up and up- while the dependability of getting mail on time is less and less certain. Mailing wedding invitations is a nice tough- after all, it gives those that care about you a very-special keepsake of your special day, and it provides all the information that you want guests to know prior to your affair. Wedding invitations are more than mere stationary- they are a thoughtful and carefully curated parcel that guests take joy in opening. Mailing these in the traditional sense can get expensive.

When planning on costs and budget, don’t forget about the cost of postage. Since wedding invitations can be odd-shaped or bulky, postage can cost more than a first-class stamp. While the cost increase may only amount to a few cents, remember to multiply this by the number of wedding invitations to determine exactly how this will affect your budget. When contemplating your postage budget, keep in-mind whether you will be including RSVP cards with prepaid envelopes and add this cost in, too.

A Note About Hand Delivery:

Depending on the guest list and the size of your event, hand delivering invitations may be a more practical option. Yes, this may simply not be feasible for your aunt in another state or an old college friend across the country, but if done early, you may be able to hand out a good number of invitations and cut the postage costs significantly. Think about it!

Laser Cut Invites are In

The precision and possibilities that Laser Cut Wedding Invitations bring to your event are game changers. When shopping for invitations for your special day, look for Eco-friendly printing options that show care for the environment, in addition to each other. Your own nuptials are not the time to try and use your at-home die cutting machine to make your own- don’t you have enough on your plate? Instead, talk to print shops and online printers to compare pricing on distinctive Laser cut wedding invitations that are fresh, new, and one-of-a-kind.

Getting Married Soon? Use These Tips To Save Money On Your Big Day Without Sacrificing A Thing!

Wedding costs have a way of adding up. Use these tips to make the most of your budget- while not sacrificing a thing. Remember to focus first on areas that are non-negotiable and what you consider to be most important, such as your wedding invitations. Contact EnvironPrint and ask about distinctive laser cut invitations for your big day.