What Is Eco-friendly printing?

Protecting our planet by utilizing eco-friendly products has become the need of the hour. Online printing companies have gradually started taking action by providing cheap custom packaging to scale their production units, keeping in mind the increasing eco-friendly demands of their customer base. 

The term “Eco-friendly printing” refers to the use of raw ingredients (product’s perspective) that are obtained naturally from the environment and possess the power to pose less risk to our surroundings. Ingredients used for printing purposes are ink, tech-machinery, and the materials on which printing will be done.

In order to promote eco-friendly printing, it is vital that your company gives priority to these three elements. Let’s discuss them in detail and get a brief understanding - 

  • Technology - Sustainable technology comes to the aid of every online printing company that wants to expedite the work and be on the rise in the market. Eco-friendly printing technology gives an upper hand to the companies so they can produce more by consuming less or minimal power. In addition, it also focuses on creating the least waste so optimal resources are used and scalability factors can be given a thought.

  • Inks - Most inks currently on the market utilize a harmful component that are not only a significant danger to our planet, but also to the production workforce when they come in direct contact with their gas fumes. Therefore, the need to use sustainable and eco-friendly inks is necessary and simultaneously beneficial. Non-polluting components of eco-friendly inks make it easier for online printing companies to increase production levels. Inks that have a soy/vegetable base are easily replacing the polluting inks. Plus, the texture and color obtained from these alternatives are much more extreme, vivid, and bloomy.

  • Print Materials - Lastly, printing materials like paper, cardboard sheets, magazines, journals, etc have transformed their origin from 100% recycled ingredients. That means the probability of biodegrading these print materials is comparatively higher. And it also helps businesses reduce production costs, gives good finishing to the products, and promotes lesser chemical usage. 


Benefits of Eco-Friendly Printing

Printing is a process that empowers the business and corporate world by promoting written documentation. Not that any sector can withdraw from investing in printing resources, but mindful printing can be done in order to encourage the necessity to use sustainable printing methods and resources. Depending upon how much you consider eco-friendly printing, there are some common benefits that every business gets to enjoy. Here are a few of them succinctly talked about - 

Highly Efficient 

Sustainably-promoted printing methods are a great way to enhance your production levels and give efficiency a chance to help your business stand out. Since recycled materials are put into use, the printing process is streamlined to produce a higher amount of units in less time and by using lesser power units. In addition, the overall process does not require multiple washing-off steps that increase the time taken, therefore you can get the product before the anticipated period.

Less Cost Than Traditional Printing

When we start using recycled paper and inks for eco-friendly printing, it reduces our printing costs as the same materials are re-used and minimal quantities of ink and other resources are carried through each procedural step. Since traditional printing methods required production units to spend hours on printing and washing-off the same units, it used to soak up most of the profit as well as hard work. But now sustainable printing alternatives are outperforming the traditional methods by providing products that are more in number, good in quality, and easily affordable. 

No Pollution 

Going green is important to tackle the present-day pollution state which is incessantly increasing due to chemical production units, extensive industries, etc. Amidst this crisis, if your company decides to go green, you can start with a transition to eco-friendly printing solutions. Economic and sustainable- green printing helps your business promote the discontinuation of chemically-infused resources. It also does not give out waste to nature, thus reducing the direct and indirect mediums of pollution by big margins. Again, since it does not involve using harmful chemicals, it does emit harmful gas off the production site. Eco-friendly printing solutions are significantly becoming a bigger thing in the market, given that it has a plethora of benefits both to the business as well as its surroundings

Easily Applicable 

With soy-based inks that have a smooth texture, green printing promotes easy application to a variety of printing materials. The natural pigmentation is conveniently scattered across the base to give out a nice, finished product. Furthermore, when these inks are incorporated with eco-friendly technologies, you can expedite the printing process and significantly reduce per-unit ink usage. 


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