1. Beyond Just a Sticker: The Impactful Role of Product Labels in Branding

    In business and branding, where success hinges on captivating the hearts and minds of consumers, we often encounter a hidden gem that holds the power to make a lasting impact: product labels. These unassuming elements, often overlooked, possess a remarkable ability to transcend their physical form and become potent symbols of a brand's identity. 

    Beyond informative stickers, product labels serve as powerful ambassadors, embodying a company's values, essence, and aspirations. In this blog, we will explore the pivotal role of product labels in shaping brands, unravelling their extraordinary influence, and exploring the ways in which they elevate a company's presence in the market. 

    So, brace yourself for a journe

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  2. RGB vs CMYK and How to convert it

     Diffrent Clours

    Why Should We Change RGB to CMYK for Print Projects?

    At EnvironPrint, we run a 7 color press that utilizes the colors CMYK+OGB.  What this means for you?   Having an expanded color gamet allows a more color correct print.  Utilizing the additional colors allows us to match almost 96% of the Pantone Color chart.   While RGB mixes on your standard printer can expand your color color gamet, images and mixes tend to come through oversaturated.    Running in CMYK Allows us to stay in line with color standards and also allows targeting PMS inks a breeze!  Try Hitting a PMS 021 on a CMYK Press.  Not going to happen!  But with our proecess we can nail it!

    When you are putting together a job for printing, it is recommended that you change your art form a RGB format to

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  3. Wonderful Color Combinations to Inspire Your Brand Identity

    Diffrent Combination of Colour

    Are you starting a new company?   Creating a new product?  Or are you looking to redesign your logo or image? The colors you use in your company and brands logo’s and brand identity can say so much about your company and product.  Color is important, especially when it comes to creating memorable printed pieces whether it be your products package, your marketing essentials or even online initiatives, the colors you use can leave a lasting impression to consumers.

    Determining colors for your logo and brands is very important as they need to be something that can stand the test of time.  It’s important to select something that you won’t get tired of as you will see these colors on a daily basis.  Colors also ignite feelings to humans its critical to make sure you pick the color combinations that ignite the feelings

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