1. Laser Cutting with the Highcon Beam

    Laser Cutting with the Highcon Beam

     Previous forms of laser cutting


    Laser Cutting has a wide assortment of applications and has been buzzing throughout the promotional product industry for decades. You see it everywhere now! The image shown above is a standard, table top, laser engraver that can be commonly found in many promotional product stores. Most people associate laser cutting or engraving as adding text to a pen, water cup, or coffee mug, and these products are very common and can be found almost anywhere.


    In today’s world the uses are much more complex and can often seem limitless. Would you like to add a custom cutout to your business card? Would you like to add some lattice to a wedding invitation? How

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  2. Best way to Distribute Flyers and Door Hangers

    Flyers and Door Hangers

    So, you’ve started a new business or just want to bring awareness of your services to your community. What steps should you take to ensure your marketing is a success?  Sometimes marketing your business can be best accomplished with the old-fashioned way of distributing flyers or door hangers in your local community.  After you have created the design for your flyer or door hanger with the perfect message, you have ordered your prints and have them in hand how do you distribute them?  Don’t you worry, after reading this article, you’ll be a pro and a known name in every area you decide to market too!

    The three things that play an important part in in how effective handing out flyers are your budget, your business, and you what you are hoping to achieve.


    Determine who you want to reach!  Location!

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  3. How to be the Stand out at your next tradeshow

    Environprint Tradeshow

    One of the greatest ways to get connected with customers and other people in your industry is at industry Tradeshows.  There are tradeshows for pretty much anything you can think of.   As they are a pretty big investment with the high costs of booth rentals and exhibitor fees, it is imperative you show up with your best.   Below are tips on how to be successful at any tradeshow while not breaking the bank.  


    Over the year’s shows have become more specific in their showcases.  There is no longer just a standard food show, they now target shows based on specific categories.  If your product is a confection or snack, you may look at the Sweets and Snacks Expo (   Or if your focus is on an all-Natural and Orga

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