1. Laser Cutting with the Highcon Beam

    Laser Cutting with the Highcon Beam

     Previous forms of laser cutting


    Laser Cutting has a wide assortment of applications and has been buzzing throughout the promotional product industry for decades. You see it everywhere now! The image shown above is a standard, table top, laser engraver that can be commonly found in many promotional product stores. Most people associate laser cutting or engraving as adding text to a pen, water cup, or coffee mug, and these products are very common and can be found almost anywhere.


    In today’s world the uses are much more complex and can often seem limitless. Would you like to add a custom cutout to your business card? Would you like to add some lattice to a wedding invitation? How

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  2. The Impact of UPCs & Scanners on the Grocery Industry


    What are Universal Productcodes (UPCs)?

    Simply put, universal product codes (UPC codes) are barcodes placed on products or

    their packaging that identifies the products electronically.  Each code is made up of bars

    that are digitally readable.  Numbers are included in the codes that make it possible for humans to read too.  When scanned in a retail store, the UPC codes communicate what item was scanned and the price the retailer is charging for the item.  Shoppers are familiar with UPCs being used in this manner.  What many aren’t aware of is how they came about, how they have revolutionized a large portion of the retail business, and the impact they have had on other functions related to the retail business such as buying, ordering (replenishment), distribution, and the tracking & verific

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  3. Create the Packaging that Has the best Unboxing experience!


    If you own a small business and sell anything online, you probably know your way around packaging like it is the back of your hand.   But there is more to the world of packaging than just plastic packaging and cardboard boxes. Unboxing should be a magical moment for all your customers and should shy away from the mundane brown color that covers every cardboard box.  The unboxing process has become quite the event over the past few years with unboxing videos reaching astronomical amounts of views.  It’s time to step up your packaging with some innovative ideas and soon enough your packaging may be featured in an unboxing video!


    What is unboxing?

    The exact moment that your customers lay eyes on your packaging is when the unboxing experience starts.  It is the thrill of excitement and can be expres

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  4. Why you should start every job with a Custom Packaging Sample or Prototype?



    Imagine this scenario, an entrepreneur is entering the room full of potential investors. She brings in a printed paper with her product laid out to show the investors what the end outcome should look like.  Now, imagine that same person presenting their product, but this time they have a fully mocked up prototype complete with a finished packaging.  The impact is going to be much more impactful and now has the ability to offer a tangible product that looks polished and well put together, projecting those same qualities onto the entrepreneur.  The Investors will have a tangible sample to see, touch and really envision in their marketplace shelves.  Seeing is believing!  This leaves the guessing of what the end product will be like and leaves less risk on their end to sign a deal!  It goes with that age old saying "Seeing is Bel

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  5. How to Get Custom Packaging That Makes Your Brand Unforgettable


    In the big sea of packaging, it’s imperative that you be the Mermaid.  The eye-catching pieces that jumps off the shelf and into your consumer cart.  That one package that everyone just had to touch!  Custom packaging can either make or break your product and its imperative that you give your product opportunity to be the best product packaging there is so that it will have the greatest amount of success.


    The Keys to success with Custom Packaging

    Design and Structure are the most import factors in custom packaging!   As most consumers will never see your product until they get it home, it’s imperative that your exterior package be a showstopper and make the consumer know they can’t live without it!  A poorly designed package will possibly go unnoticed resul

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  6. RGB vs CMYK and How to convert it


    Why Should We Change RGB to CMYK for Print Projects?

    At EnvironPrint, we run a 7 color press that utilizes the colors CMYK+OGB.  What this means for you?   Having an expanded color gamet allows a more color correct print.  Utilizing the additional colors allows us to match almost 96% of the Pantone Color chart.   While RGB mixes on your standard printer can expand your color color gamet, images and mixes tend to come through oversaturated.    Running in CMYK Allows us to stay in line with color standards and also allows targeting PMS inks a breeze!  Try Hitting a PMS 021 on a CMYK Press.  Not going to happen!  But with our proecess we can nail it!

    When you are putting together a job for printing, it is recommended that you change your art form a RGB format to a CMYK format

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  7. Grow Your Retail Sales with Custom Point of Sale (POS) Displays

    Make your products pop with a custom point of purchase display from EnvironPrint. The beauty of this type of packaging lies in its versatility—custom retail displays can be used for virtually any product in any industry.  In today’s competitive retail marketplace, space is both very limited and highly valuable. Brands must utilize any position on counters and shelves to its fullest potential in order to showcase its product and catch the eye of its direct consumer.


    Retail point of sale or POS displays can help increase brand awareness and help to increase sales at that final stage of the shopping experience, at checkout. Standing in line waiting to check out typically finds shoppers scanning the shelves for last minute items or impulse buys!   It’s also one the best ways to make sure your product st

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  8. How to create effective Packaging Labels



    Utilizing packaging labels for your products is one of the most cost-effective way of clearly getting your brand implemented on formats such as bottles, bags, and other form of packaging you can imagine.  Printing labels for commercial use involves some practical, and even legal, factors that must be taken in consideration before you go to market. Below some label do’s and don’ts to help ensure your next label printing order in a success. At EnvironPrint we want to help you avoid mistakes and obstacles with these design tips and missing the mark with the law.

    Understand and follow the law guidelines!

    One of the most important things you must understand is the legal side of your labeling if you’re selling food products or beverages. As these products are consumed and ingest

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