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EnvironPrint Die-Cut Business Card Printing


When you want to make a striking first impression with potential customers or if you simply have more information to share than can fit on a standard business card, a die-cut business card is a great solution. These cards can still be made to fit into standard-size business card holders and organizers; the only difference is that they are die-cut in half, giving you double the space for your design.

Our die-cut business cards are ideal for passing out at conferences and trade shows, allowing you to connect with other professionals by sharing your contact information. Your current clients and customers will also be able to easily share your information with others when they have your business cards on hand, so you can grow your business. Use your die-cut business cards to share promotional coupons or deals, social media URLs, office hours, and website information.

When creating a die-cut business card, we suggest including your company's logo and using coordinating colors and fonts. Because these cards have additional space, you may choose to keep it simple on the front with only a company logo or graphic, then share your contact information on the inside. 

One of the advantages of using EnvironPrint for die-cut business card printing is that our team is available to assist you to ensure that your cards turn out exactly how you want them to. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your design, finish selection, or paper choice.

Highlights of our business cards include:

  • 3 sizes to choose from

  • All business card styles are made with high-quality cardstock

  • Your choice of 4 different finishes, including gloss, matte, and premium options

  • Printing is in full color on both sides

  • Lightning-fast turnaround times

Die-Cut Business Card Printing Options

The possibilities are endless when you choose EnvironPrint to print your die-cut business cards. Use our templates to design your own unique cards, then choose from the following options:



7” x 2”

6.6” x 2.1”

2” x 7”


To choose a different size than those listed above, simply enter the measurements you’d like in the height and width fields.



Gloss – Gloss is a great finish choice for die-cut business cards that feature vivid colors and bold graphics.


Matte – Matte is a classic finish option when it comes to die-cut business cards.


Premium Soft-Touch Matte – Our premium matte finish offers an upscale appearance and a unique tactile appeal that’s well-suited for die-cut business cards.


Premium High Gloss UV – High gloss UV finish adds depth and dimension, which is why we recommend it for die-cut business cards that feature photography.


Printed Side

Front Only

Front and Back


Paper Type

Economy Cardstock (14 pt.)

Standard Cardstock (16 pt.)

Premium Cardstock (18 pt.)


Corner Type



Die Cut


Printing Time

2 Business Days

3 Business Days

4 Business Days

Frequently Asked Questions About Die-Cut Business Card Printing

Are die-cut business cards better?

There’s certainly no right or wrong when it comes to business cards! Think about the amount of information you want to share, how you’ll plan on using the extra space afforded by a die-cut business card, and the message you want to send about your business. A die-cut business card is great for making a statement.


What is the best size for a die-cut business card?

A standard business card is typically 3.5” x 2” in size, so a die-cut business card that matches that size will be 7” x 2”. The benefit of choosing this size is that most business card holders and organizers are designed to accommodate these dimensions. 


What is the thickness of EnvironPrint die-cut business cards?

We offer 14 pt., 16 pt., and 18 pt. cardstock for die-cut business cards. 


What types of finishes are available for die-cut business cards?

Standard gloss, standard matte, premium soft touch matte, and premium high gloss UV are all finish options for die-cut business cards. If you're having trouble deciding which finish to use for your die-cut business card design, we can help you with your decision.


Can I print on both sides of EnvironPrint die-cut business cards?

Yes, you can choose to print on one side only or on both sides of your die-cut business cards.


How can I design my own die-cut business cards?

For your convenience, we offer an online design tool and downloadable templates that can be used with any graphic design program. If you’re using one of our templates, upload your design to our website when you’re ready to place your order. If you have a graphic designer, you can send them our downloadable template so they can use it to create your die-cut business card design.


How long will it take to get my die-cut business cards?

Our customers know they can count on EnvironPrint to get their printing done quickly. Simply select your preferred printing time when placing your order. We have posted our shipping rates and delivery estimates on our website to help you make your decision. Choose premium shipping for an estimated delivery in 1–2 days after shipment. Please call us at 682-252-0578 if you have an upcoming deadline and need your project completed as soon as possible. No matter how tight the deadline, we’ll do what we can to meet your needs.


Why Choose EnvironPrint for Die-Cut Business Card Printing

EnvironPrint has been providing exceptional printing service to our customers for nearly two decades. We’re proud of our unparalleled value, quick turnaround times, and our dedicated customer service. As a company that’s committed to sustainability, we use recycled materials and water-based inks that are free of VOCs and solvents. We prove that you never have to sacrifice quality to get environmentally-friendly printing solutions.

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