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EnvironPrint Menu Card Printing

A menu card has many potential uses. Cafes, restaurants, and bars use menu cards to highlight specials, drink lists, seasonal dishes, or for promoting their takeout options. Other types of businesses use menu cards too—for example, a spa or salon might feature their offerings on a menu card. Menu cards can be tucked into carryout orders or mailed out as part of a direct mail campaign.

With so many dining establishments highlighting seasonal ingredients and updating their menus frequently as a result, high-quality paper menu cards are an affordable option that allows you to refresh your menu on a regular basis without requiring a significant investment. Small menu cards are perfect for promoting prix fixe menus, wine lists, and drinks options, while larger menu cards can accommodate an entire menu for dine-in customers. For menu cards that can withstand regular, repeated use, choose a heavy-duty card stock with a premium finish.

At EnvironPrint, we understand that you want your restaurant's food to look as good as it tastes when printing a menu card. Details matter with menus, as even a slight change in color or saturation can make a photograph go from mouthwatering to stomach-turning. Our professional printing team will get the job done right the first time, ensuring that your menu cards are ready to use as soon as they arrive.

We're happy to answer any questions you have about your menu design, the best finish to use, or the ideal paper thickness for your needs. Feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you.


Highlights of our menu cards include:

  • 4 standard sizes available, or create your own

  • Each menu card is made with high-quality cardstock

  • Your choice of 4 different finishes, including gloss, matte, premium soft-touch matte, and premium high gloss UV

  • Printing is in full color on both sides

  • Lightning-fast turnaround times

Menu Card Printing Options

The possibilities are endless when you choose EnvironPrint for printing your custom menu cards. Use our templates to design your own unique menu card, then choose from  the following options:


8.5” x 11”

8.5” x 14”

4.25” x 11”

11” x 17”

To choose a different size than those listed above, simply enter the dimensions you’d like in the height and width fields.


Gloss – A classic gloss finish is perfect for menu cards with bright colors and bold graphics.

Matte – For a simple, clean look, choose a standard matte finish.

Premium Soft-Touch Matte – Our premium matte finish offers a luxe appearance and a unique tactile appeal that’s ideal for fine dining establishments.

Premium High Gloss UV – High gloss UV finish adds depth and dimension to menu cards that feature vibrant colors or photographs of food.

Printed Side

Front Only

Front and Back

Paper Type

Paper (100 lb.)

Economy Cardstock (14 pt.)

Standard Cardstock (16 pt.)

Premium Cardstock (18 pt.)

Ultra Premium Cardstock (24 pt.)

Printing Time

2 Business Days

3 Business Days

4 Business Days

Frequently Asked Questions About Menu Card Printing

What is the best size for a takeout menu card?

For takeout menus, most restaurants select an 8.5” x 11” format. This size fits into a regular envelope for mailing when folded in thirds, and it can be tucked into or stapled to takeout bags for carryout orders. Customers find it convenient to store a menu this size in drawers and organizers, but it also allows you plenty of room to list all of your restaurant's dishes and even include a coupon or two.

What size menu card should I order?

Menu cards are available in four standard sizes and custom sizes as well. If you're using your menu cards for people who are dining in, the 8.5" x 14" menu card is ideal because it provides plenty of space for images and explanations of each dish. An 8.5” x 11” menu can suffice if you have a smaller variety of dishes or don't plan on including photos. Appetizer menus, seasonal specials, wine and beer choices, cocktail menus, and prix fixe menus are all a fit for our 4.25” x 11” menu card choice.

What is the thickness of EnvironPrint menu cards?

Menu cards are available in five different thicknesses: 14 pt., 16 pt, 18 pt, 24 pt, and 100 lb. paper stock. We suggest using thinner paper for takeout menus and thicker paper for in-house dining menus that will be reused.

What types of finishes are available for menu card printing?

Standard gloss, standard matte, premium soft touch matte, and premium high gloss UV are the four professional finishes available for our menu cards. Our team of digital printing experts is always happy to assist you in selecting the right finish for your project, but for takeout menus, we recommend a gloss finish, which is fairly standard. For dining-in menus, we suggest a more durable option, like our premium soft touch matte or high gloss UV.

Can I print on both sides of EnvironPrint restaurant menu cards?

Yes, absolutely! When designing a restaurant menu card, we recommend printing on both sides because it is the industry norm, but you can also print on one side if you’re only sharing a few food or drink options.

How can I design my own menu card?

Use our online design tool or one of our templates. Download the template size you need, customize it for your restaurant, and then upload it to our website before you place your order. You can also share our templates with your graphic designer so they can create a design with the exact specifications needed. (No designer? No problem! Stick to a basic style that includes your restaurant's logo, easy-to-read typefaces, and pictures of your best dishes.)

How long will it take to get my menu cards?

EnvironPrint is the company to choose if you need menu cards printed quickly. You can select your preferred printing time when placing your order. Our shipping rates and delivery estimates are available on our website for your convenience, but premium shipping is the fastest choice available, with a delivery time estimate of 1 to 2 days. Please call us right away at 682-252-0578 if you have a tight deadline and need your project completed ASAP. No matter how close the deadline, we are happy to help make it work.

Why Choose EnvironPrint for Menu Card Printing

While there are a number of digital printing companies on the internet these days, EnvironPrint has been exceeding our customers' expectations for nearly two decades. With quick turnaround times, unbeatable value, and friendly service, we deliver for our customers. We're committed to environmental stewardship, so we use recycled materials and solvent-free water-based inks. EnvironPrint's mission is to provide greener, sustainable printing solutions without sacrificing quality.

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