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If you really want to get attention for your flyers, it’s time to think outside the box and choose a custom shape to make your marketing stand out. The possibilities are literally endless when you choose EnvironPrint for your die-cut flyers. Unlike many other printing companies, we don’t have a few set choices for die-cut flyer printing; instead, you can choose any shape you want and we’ll make it happen. Send out flyers in the shape of your business logo, one of your products, or anything else you can imagine.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers. You’ll always get personalized service to help ensure that your finished die-cut flyer is exactly what you had in mind. Our vivid water-based inks and high quality paper yield results that are polished and professional so you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression with your clients and customers.


Highlights of our die-cut flyer printing include:

  • Choose any size and shape you like
  • Printing on one side only or both sides
  • Your choice of gloss, matte, or 2 premium finishes
  • Vibrant full color digital printing
  • Water-based ink with no chemical solvents
  • Fast turnaround time


Die-Cut Flyer Printing Options

Download our file templates to design your own custom die-cut flyers to any dimensions you need. To help you get started, here are some of the most common dimensions our clients use (note that these dimensions are taken before the paper is cut to the desired shape):

  • 4” x 6”
  • 5” x 7”
  • 8.5” x 11”
  • 11” x 17”
  • 12” x 18”

Simply select a common dimension or enter your own unique height and width to fit your needs.

Paper Type

  • 100lb Paper
  • 14 pt. Cardstock
  • 16 pt. Cardstock


  • Gloss – With a standard gloss finish, your flyers will have a subtle shine and just a bit of reflection, similar to a magazine page.
  • Matte – Matte finish has no luster or shine, giving it a flat look that’s easy to read if you’re including a lot of text.
  • Premium Soft-Touch Matte – This premium finish has a unique tactile feel thanks to its velvet-smooth texture. When paired with a die-cut shape, this finish is sure to impress.
  • Premium High Gloss UV – For a dramatic look, choose our reflective premium high gloss UV finish. It’s a fantastic way to highlight photos and bold graphics.

Printing Time

  • 4 Business Days
  • 3 Business Days
  • 2 Business Days

Uses for Die-Cut Flyers

Die-cut flyers are used by businesses, organizations, and industries of all types because they’re affordable and have a great return on investment. Retailers, restaurants, professional services, schools, non-profits, and venues use die-cut flyers to share:

  • Sales and discounts
  • New products
  • Services
  • Upcoming events
  • Fundraisers
  • Festivals, carnivals, and fairs
  • Invitations
  • Holiday greetings


Die-Cut Flyer Design Tips

If you only need to make a simple flyer for a school bake sale or community garage sale, you may be able to create your own design if you have experience using graphic design programs. On the other hand, if your die-cut flyer is being used for marketing purposes, we suggest using a professional graphic designer to ensure that the finished product has a polished look. Here are some die-cut flyer design tips to keep in mind:

  • Use images carefully. Since your flyer will be cut into a shape, you don’t want important parts of your photos or illustrations to be cut off.
  • If you’re choosing an intricate shape, it’s best to keep it simple with your graphics. A specialized shape will be enough to grab attention on its own.

  • Die-cut flyers can also be made in more simple shapes like rectangles with rounded corners or ovals. These are ideal for featuring eye-catching graphics.


Frequently Asked Questions About Die-Cut Flyers

What is the best size for die-cut flyers?

There’s no one-size-fits-all recommendation when it comes to the best size for die-cut flyers. Think about how you plan on using your flyers and what information you need to convey. A flyer that’s being hung on a wall to promote an upcoming sale will need to be bigger than a small flyer being mailed to clients to announce a new stylist at a salon.

Can I print die-cut flyers in different sizes?

Yes, when you choose EnvironPrint, you can select any size and any shape for your die-cut flyers. Just let us know what you need and we’ll help make your dream a reality.

How can I design custom die-cut flyers?

Our downloadable file templates make it easy for you (or your graphic designer) to create your custom die-cut flyers. Simply download the template size that works for your needs, use it to create your flyers, then upload it to the EnvironPrint website when you’re about to place your order.

What is the best finish for die-cut flyers?

While a gloss finish has been a common choice in marketing for decades, matte finishes are increasingly in demand because they offer a chic, elegant look and the lack of reflection makes them easy to read and a great choice for rooms with bright overhead lighting. If you’re not sure which finish would look best for your flyers, contact us and we can help you decide.

What type of paper should I use for die-cut flyers?

When you’re choosing paper for your die-cut flyers, think about how you plan to distribute them. If you’re mailing them in envelopes, a thinner paper stock works well; if you’re using them as postcards, opt for a thicker stock. Die-cut flyers that will be hung on walls for weeks or months are best made with a durable, thick paper stock.

What is the minimum quantity of die-cut flyers that I can order?

We have no minimum quantities at EnvironPrint, which means you can order a single die-cut flyer to ensure that you’re pleased with the design, shape, material, and finish before placing a full order.

How long will it take to get my custom die-cut flyers?

If you need die-cut flyers fast, EnvironPrint will deliver! When placing your die-cut flyer order, select the printing time you need from the drop-down menu. Then, view our shipping rates and delivery estimates to select the shipping speed that is best for your timeline. With our premium shipping option, your die-cut flyers will be delivered to your door in only 1 to 2 days after printing is complete. If you are on a tight deadline and you need your project extremely quick, please call us immediately at 682-252-0578. We are happy to help no matter how tight the deadline.


Why Choose EnvironPrint for Die-Cut Flyers

At EnvironPrint, we enable businesses to get planet-friendly digital printing without ever having to compromise on quality. Our greener printing process involves using innovative 3D-printed dies, sustainably-sourced paper stock, and water-based inks made without chemical solvents. We’ve been in the printing business meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations with responsive service, quick turnaround, and exceptional value. Order your die-cut flyers today and find out why so many organizations choose EnvironPrint for their business printing solutions.

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