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EnvironPrint’s laser cut pocket folders are entirely customizable to meet your every need.  Choose from a wide selection of paperboard materials that are sturdy and long lasting.  Select the folder size, number of pockets, finishes, and various other options, prior to adding your design to create the perfect pocket folder for your special project. 

To stand out even more, EnvironPrint now offers Laser Cutting with Pocket Folders!


With customized laser cut pocket folders, you’ll make the best possible impression with your customers or clients. Tuck quotes, brochures, and other marketing materials into the pockets—there’s even a spot to include your business card. Whether you opt for a minimalist look or a more bold design, our planet-friendly pocket folder printing process yields professional results with minimal environmental impact.

Highlights of our laser cut custom pocket folders include:

  • 3 set sizes available; 9” x 12” size has roomy 4” pockets
  • Custom sizes are available as well
  • Folders are made with durable cardstock
  • Choose between an eye-catching glossy finish or elegant matte, with premium options available
  • Slots for including business cards
  • Printing is in full color on both sides


When we say custom, we mean it! Design your own pocket folder, then choose the size you need. To help get you started, here are some common sizes ordered by our customers:

  • 4” x 9”
  • 9” x 12”
  • 9” x 14.5”

For a custom size, simply enter your preferred measurements in the height and width boxes.

Paper Type

  • Economy Cardstock (14pt)
  • Standard Cardstock (16pt)
  • Premium Cardstock (18pt)


  • Gloss – Think of gloss as the standard, classic option for presentation folders. It has a little bit of shine, but not too much.
  • Matte – Matte has a smooth, non-reflective look that doesn’t produce any glare. 
  • Premium Soft Touch Matte – Our soft touch matte option has a high-end appearance and a velvety texture with unique tactile appeal.
  • Premium High Gloss UV – For a vibrant, super-glossy finish, choose our premium high gloss UV option. It works especially well for bold and dark colors.

Printing Time

  • 4 Business Days
  • 3 Business Days
  • 2 Business Days


If you’re in charge of marketing for a business or you’re a small business owner yourself, branded laser cut pocket folders add a polished touch that’s sure to impress. Use them to:

  • Share promotional materials with potential clients, customers, or patients
  • Hand out at trade shows
  • Accompany presentations
  • Deliver quotes or estimates for services
  • Share information with prospective employees at job fairs
  • Provide new employees with onboarding materials
  • Put together press kits to promote your brand

Presentation folders offer businesses a great opportunity for branding, but they’re also useful for customers or clients, allowing them to keep all of the relevant materials about your business in one place. 


What is the best size for a laser cut pocket folder?

The most common size for presentation folders is 9” x 12”, as this is the perfect size for standard 8.5” x 11” paper. That said, sometimes choosing a bigger or smaller pocket folder can make an impact. Keep in mind that if you choose another size, you’ll want to ensure that the materials you plan to include in the folder will fit without folding or bending.

What other laser cut pocket folder sizes are available?

You can choose any folder size you need! Simply input your desired measurements in the height and width fields, then place your order. In addition to custom sizes, we also offer two other pre-set sizes: 4” x 9” pocket folders and 9” x 14.5” pocket folders. The 9” x 14” pocket folder is designed for legal-size paper, which is commonly used in the legal and financial industries.

What type of paper are EnvironPrint’s laser cut pocket folders printed on?

Our laser cut pocket folders are printed on your choice of 14 pt, 16 pt or 18 pt cardstock. No matter which option you choose, you’ll get a sturdy, durable presentation folder that stands up to the job. We also offer your choice of four different professional finishes, including standard gloss and matte as well as premium soft touch matte and high gloss UV. If you’re not sure which finish is right for your design, contact us and one of our team members will be happy to help.

How many pockets do presentation folders have?

When you order custom laser cut pocket folders from EnvironPrint, you can choose whether you’d like a single pocket or two pockets. Single pockets are perfect for delivering estimates and invoices; if you plan on using your pocket folders in a number of different ways, choose two pockets for more versatility.

Can I print on both sides of EnvironPrint laser cut pocket folders?

Absolutely. You can choose a more simple aesthetic and print on one side only or print on the inside of the presentation folder as well. Keep in mind that because of the design of our folders—the pocket is folded in from the outside—you can print on the pocket without opting for two-sided printing.

How can I design my own laser cut pocket folder?

Use our downloadable file templates to design your custom laser cut pocket folder, then upload the design to EnvironPrint. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to achieve professional results—a design featuring your business logo and complementary colors is a chic, timeless look. Add your business tagline, website address, and social media handles to make it easy for people to get in touch. Designing something simple works in your favor, as you’ll get more use out of your branded pocket folders if they’re not designed for a specific event, tradeshow, or presentation.

How many business card slots can I add to my laser cut pocket folder?

You can choose between adding slots for a single business card or two business cards, with one set of slots on each pocket.

How long will it take to get my custom pocket folders?

If you need pocket folder printing fast, EnvironPrint will deliver! When placing your order, choose your preferred turnaround time. Our shipping rates and delivery estimates are available on our website. Choose premium shipping for estimated delivery in 1 to 2 days. If you are on a tight deadline and you need your project extremely quick, please call us immediately at 682-252-0578. We are happy to help no matter how tight the deadline.


While there are many digital printing companies online, EnvironPrint takes a different approach. We’ve been meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations for years. We’re proud of our fast turnaround time, exceptional quality, and dedicated customer service Our commitment to sustainability includes using recycled paper, water-based solvent-free inks, and innovative digital dies in order to add creases to projects like presentation folders and tri-fold menus.

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