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Promotion and Event Stickers

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Our custom promotional stickers can be used to generate brand awareness or to promote an upcoming event. Hand them out to fans and customers, use them as giveaways at trade shows, or add them to packages as a fun bonus item for buyers. 

No matter how you plan to use your promotional and event labels, EnvironPrint will make sure they turn heads. We use rich water-based inks that are capable of producing bright, colorful images and our completely custom process means we can create promotional stickers in any size or shape you need. Our team is committed to ensuring that your promotion and event stickers look amazing and arrive on time.


Highlights of our custom promotional stickers include:

  • Select a standard pre-set size or customize your own
  • Your choice of finish type, including gloss, matte, and premium options
  • Vibrant full color digital printing
  • Water-based ink with no solvents
  • Digital laser cutting options
  • Fast turnaround times


Custom Promotional Sticker Options

When we say custom, we mean it! Download our file templates to design your promotional stickers and choose your desired size. To help get you started, here are some of the most common sizes used by our customers:

2.625” x 1”

2” x 2”

2” x 3”

3” x 3”

To choose a different size than those listed above, simply enter the measurements you’d like in the height and width fields.


Gloss – Gloss is a popular finish for promotional stickers, with a shine similar to that of a magazine.

Matte – Matte finish is understated and sophisticated, without any glare or reflection.

Premium Soft-Touch Matte – Our soft-touch matte finish gives your event labels a velvety-smooth tactile feel.

Premium High Gloss UV – Add depth and dimension to make your promotional stickers stand out by using our premium high gloss UV finish.

Label Type

Cut to Size

Kiss Cut Sheets

Printing Time

1 Business Day

2 Business Days

3 Business Days


Ways to Use Custom Promotional Stickers

Custom promotional stickers have the versatility to be used in any number of businesses for a wide range of purposes. Common uses include:

  • Labeling or branding office equipment
  • Promoting upcoming events
  • Creating branded shopping bags
  • Sealing envelopes and packages
  • Handing out to event attendees
  • Promoting bands, artists, brands, and other businesses
  • Passing out at trade shows
  • Sticking on cars and other surfaces


Design Tips for Custom Promotional Stickers

If you already have branding assets or a business logo, you likely have everything you need to create your own event labels yourself using your favorite graphic design program. Here are some design tips to keep in mind:

  • For maximum durability and shine, particularly for promo stickers that may be used outdoors, select our high gloss UV finish.
  • Think outside the box and have your promotional stickers die-cut to the exact shape of your logo to make them more noticeable than a rectangle or square.
  • Make your stickers fun—go beyond the logo and create your own characters, add clever sayings, and make event labels that people will want to use.
  • If your promotional stickers will feature bold illustrations or graphics, choose our high gloss UV finish for a reflective effect that will get attention.


Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Promotion and Event Stickers

How can I customize the shape of my promotional stickers?

If you’d like to create die-cut promotional stickers in a shape other than those offered in our downloadable file templates, contact us and we can get started on a project tailored to your needs. 

What paper is available for custom promotional stickers?

Our custom promotional stickers are printed on our high quality white label paper, with a self-adhesive backing that sticks to almost anything.

Can I have promotional stickers printed in a size not listed?

Yes, the sizes we list on our product pages represent popular choices, but our process is completely custom, so you can choose any size you need. Simply select the blank option in the drop-down menu for size, then enter the exact measurements you need in the width and height fields.

How can I design my own custom promotional stickers?

Choose the downloadable file template that best fits your needs for shape and size, then use it to design your promotional stickers (or have your graphic designer do it for you). Upload the completed design to our website and place your order.

What is the minimum quantity of promotion and event stickers that I can order?

EnvironPrint has no minimum quantity, which means you can order a single sticker to ensure that you’re pleased with the design, shape, size, and finish before you place a large order.

How long will it take to get my custom promotional stickers?

If you need promotional sticker printing fast, EnvironPrint will deliver! Choose the turnaround time you need before placing your order, then use our shipping rates and delivery estimates to select a shipping speed that works for you. Our premium shipping delivers your promotional stickers to your home or business 1 to 2 days after printing is complete. If you are on a tight deadline and you need your project extremely quick, please call us immediately at 682-252-0578. We are happy to help no matter how tight the deadline.


Why Choose EnvironPrint for Promotion and Event Sticker Printing

EnvironPrint has been in the business of providing planet-friendly digital printing services for nearly 20 years. Our team has perfected the process of using 3D-printed digital dies, sustainably-sourced paper, and solvent-free water-based inks to produce high quality results. Order your custom promotional stickers from EnvironPrint today and we’ll exceed your expectations with our responsive customer service, exceptional value, and quick turnaround.