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Shelf Cards are used to provide additional information about the products being displayed on retail shelves.

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Shelf talkers are a way to share additional information about a product with shoppers. They’re designed to fit onto standard retail shelves by hanging over the lip, and are often used alongside a typical shelf tag with an item’s name and price. Shelf talkers can be used to highlight sales, promotions, rebates, nutritional information, and product features. With a well-designed custom shelf talker, shoppers are more likely to notice your product.

When you choose EnvironPrint for your shelf talker printing, you’ll get a premium look with rich colors, sharp images, and high quality paper stock.

Highlights of our shelf talker printing include:

  • Choose from 2 standard sizes or create your own custom size
  • Printing on one side only or both sides
  • Vivid full color digital printing
  • Water-based ink with no chemical solvents
  • Fast turnaround time


Custom Shelf Talker Printing Options

Download our file templates to design your own custom shelf talkers, then choose from the following options:


  • 1.5” x 3”
  • 2” x 3”
  • 3" x 3"
  • 4" x 3"
  • 4" x 6"

Material Type

  • Economy Cardstock (14 pt.)
  • Standard Cardstock (16 pt.)
  • Premium Cardstock (18 pt.)
  • Ultra Premium Cardstock (24 pt.)

Printing Time

6 Business Days

4 Business Days

3 Business Days


Ideas for Using Shelf Talkers

Any brick-and-mortar retailer can make use of shelf talkers to promote sales and specials, but shelf talkers can also be printed by brands and sent to retailers as part of their promotional materials. Shelf talkers can be used to:

  • Draw attention to new products
  • Highlight key product features
  • Promote rebates, sales, coupons, and specials
  • Let shoppers know about a giveaway
  • Share nutritional or dietary information about products
  • Provide more detailed descriptions of products
  • Offer ideas for using a product


Frequently Asked Questions About Shelf Talkers

What is the best size for shelf talkers?

 The size you choose depends largely on the amount of information you will be sharing on your shelf talker.

Can I print shelf talkers in different sizes?

Yes, shelf talkers can be printed in custom sizes, but we recommend checking to be sure that the size you’d like will fit on your shelves. If you’d like a custom size, simply choose the blank option in the drop-down menu next to size, then enter the height and width you’d like in the text fields.

What kind of paper is used for shelf talkers?

We offer 14 pt., 16 pt., and 18 pt.  and 24pt. paper stock for our shelf talkers. It’s important for shelf talkers to be sturdy so they last a long time and look good hanging from retail shelves which is why we’ve carefully chosen the best paper stock for the job. If you’d like to reuse your shelf talkers again and again, we recommend choosing the thickest paper option for the most durability.

How can I design custom shelf talkers?

While a simple shelf talker that says “Sale” or “Special” can easily be designed by anyone with access to a graphic design program, we recommend using a professional graphic designer for shelf talkers that will feature a lot of text and images because it’s important that shelf talkers look polished, are easy to read, and accomplish the job of drawing attention to a product. Download our file template, use it to create your design, then upload it to our website when you’re ready to place your order.

What is the minimum quantity of shelf talkers that I can order?

We have no minimum quantities at EnvironPrint, so you can order a single shelf talker to ensure that you’re happy with the design and material choice before placing a full order. This is also ideal for situations in which you only need one shelf talker to highlight a single product or promotion.

How long will it take to get my custom shelf talkers?

If you need shelf talker printing fast, EnvironPrint will deliver! When placing your order for shelf talkers, use the drop-down menu to select your preferred printing time. View our shipping rates and delivery estimates to choose the shipping speed that works for your timeline. With premium our shipping option, your shelf talkers will be delivered to your door 1–2 days after printing is completed. If you are on a tight deadline and you need your project extremely quick, please call us immediately at 682-252-0578. We are happy to help no matter how tight the deadline.


Why Choose EnvironPrint for Custom Shelf Talker Printing

At EnvironPrint, we prove that you don’t have to compromise on quality to get planet-friendly printing for your business. We use sustainably-sourced paper stock, innovative 3D-printed dies for folding, and water-based inks that are free of chemical solvents. We’ve been exceeding our customers’ expectations for nearly two decades by providing fast turnaround times, exceptional value, and responsive service. Place an order for custom shelf talkers today to learn why EnvironPrint is the best choice for sustainable digital printing.

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