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EnvironPrint Wine List Printing

Restaurants, bars, and wineries all use our wine lists to put their best foot forward with customers. Custom printed wine lists make it simple to keep your wine list current without having to reprint an entire menu every time you add a new item or change a price.


Professionally printed wine lists are durable and have a more upscale appearance than wine lists printed on an average office printer. Our standard sizes give you enough room to write a brief overview of each wine choice on your list, but larger and smaller sizes are also available—just specify the dimensions you need when you place your order.


The high quality paper stock used by EnvironPrint is sustainably sourced and our digital printing process uses vivid water-based ink to create sharp images and bold colors, ensuring that your wine lists stand out.


Highlights of our wine lists include:

  • Custom sizes available
  • High-quality paper stock
  • Solvent-free water-based ink for vibrant colors without VOCs
  • Your choice of finishes, including matte, gloss, and premium selections
  • Lightning-fast turnaround

Custom Wine List Printing Options

The possibilities are endless when you use EnvironPrint for your custom wine list printing. Use our templates or online design tool to create a wine list for your business.


For shorter lists of wines, beers, cocktails, and beverages, wine lists are ideal. Our high-quality cardstock ensures that your wine lists will stand up to daily use, and our variety of finishes add a polished and professional look that an office printer can't match. Select from 8.5” x 11”, 11” x 17”, 8” x 14”, or 4.25” x 11” wine lists, or choose your own custom size.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wine List Printing

What is a wine card?

A wine card lists the wines offered by a restaurant, bar, winery, or other establishment.


How do you list wine on a wine list?

You can choose to list wines any way you like, although standard practice is to include the producer, name of the wine, region, vintage, and price.


Why is a wine list important?

Having your wine list on a separate card, rather than incorporating it into your menu, will help draw your customers’ attention to it, potentially increasing your sales. It’s also ideal for restaurants that rotate their wines frequently, as it allows you to update your wine list without having to also update the rest of your menu.


What is the best size for a wine list?

The size of a wine list is best determined by the number of wines you want to feature and the amount of detail you wish to share about each selection. Some establishments include a few lines describing the wines on their menus, while others simply include the name, vintage, and price. Naturally, the more information you want to include, the larger your dimensions should be.


Can I get a wine list in a different size than listed on the product page?

We will gladly provide you with wine lists in any size that you want! When ordering wine lists, choose the blank menu option from the drop-down menu for size. Then, enter the desired width and height.


What type of paper is used for wine lists?

Paper stock options for our customized wine lists are 100 lb., 14 pt., 16 pt., 18 pt., and 24 pt. All of our printing is done on high-quality, sustainably sourced paper.


What types of finishes are available for wine list printing?

Standard gloss, standard matte, premium soft-touch matte, and premium high gloss UV are the finish options available for our wine lists.


Can I print on both sides of EnvironPrint wine lists?

Yes, you can have your wine lists printed on both sides or just one side.


How can I design my own custom wine list?

Use our online design tool or upload your own design by choosing a file template to use to design your wine list with your favorite graphic design program. Upload your template to the EnvironPrint website when placing your order. Don't worry if you don't have access to a graphic designer—wine lists are often designed to be basic and simple, so you don't need to incorporate fancy graphics or images to achieve a professional look. We recommend putting your business's logo in a prominent position on the card, then using a classic, easy-to-read font for the text.


How long will it take to get my wine lists?

EnvironPrint is the company to use if you need a wine list printed quickly. When placing your order, choose your desired printing time. Our shipping rates and arrival estimates are available on our website for your convenience, but if you need your wine lists ASAP, select premium shipping, which will arrive in 1 to 2 days. Please call us right away at 682-252-0578 if you have a tight deadline and need your project completed quickly. No matter how close the deadline, we are happy to assist.


Why Choose EnvironPrint for Wine List Printing

There are a number of digital printing companies on the internet these days, but EnvironPrint stands out. We've been in business for almost two decades and are pioneers when it comes to green printing solutions using recycled materials, water-based inks, and 3D printed dies. Our customers choose us because of our excellent value, quick turnaround times, and superior customer service. With EnvironPrint, you get environmentally-friendly printing without sacrificing quality.


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