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You’ve put a lot of effort into developing your food products—don’t shortchange them by making packaging an afterthought. EnvironPrint offers custom freezer box and refrigerated box printing to help your items pique the interest of shoppers. Our durable refrigerator-grade paperstock and vibrant planet-friendly inks combine to create packaging that stands out in even the most crowded refrigerator or freezer cases.

We know that you want to put your best foot forward with potential buyers, which is why our team will work closely with you to ensure that your refrigerated/freezer boxes look professional and are delivered exactly when you need them.


Highlights of our refrigerator/freezer box printing include:

  • White refrigerator-grade paperstock available in 3 thicknesses
  • Available in 4 finishes, with gloss, matte, and premium options
  • Tuck top, seal end, or custom boxes
  • Printing on one side only or both sides
  • Vibrant, full color digital printing
  • Water-based ink with no chemical solvents


Custom Refrigerated/Freezer Box Printing Options

When we say custom, we mean it! Download our file templates to design your custom refrigerated box or freezer box, then choose from the following options:



 Refrigerator Grade Paperboard- 

  • This is a coated natural kraft paper.
  • The exterior is white and the interior is kraft.
  • The coating on the outsie helps graphics pop while the natural kraft inside maintains high structural integrity in colder enviornments.


White Refrigerator-Grade Paperstock Type

  • 16 pt. Cardstock
  • 18 pt. Cardstock
  • 24 pt. Cardstock



  • Gloss – The most common choice for refrigerator and freezer boxes, gloss creates a reflective surface that catches the eye.
  • Matte – Matte is a good option for minimalist product packaging that features text and simple illustrations.
  • Premium Soft-Touch Matte – Soft-touch matte is a luxe finish that communicates to shoppers that your products are high-end.
  • Premium High-Gloss UV – To make photos of your product pop, high-gloss UV is an excellent choice.



  • Outisde Only
  • Outside and Inside
  • Inside Only 


  • 10 Business Days
  • 8 Business Days
  • 6 Business Days


Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerated/Freezer Box Printing

What type of paperstock are EnvironPrint refrigerated/freezer boxes printed on?

We print all of our refrigerated boxes and freezer boxes on white refrigerator-grade paperstock with a Kraft interior. This paperstock comes in 16 pt., 18 pt., and 24 pt. thicknesses.

What sizes of refrigerated/freezer boxes are available?

Because of the complexity and variability involved in food packaging, we offer no pre-set sizes—our refrigerated/freezer box printing process is completely custom. Once you submit your project for a quote, one of our team members will get in touch with you to determine the size needed, as well as the finish, material thickness, and box type that works best for your application.

What is the best finish choice for a refrigerated box or freezer box?

The classic choice for a refrigerated box or freezer box is a gloss finish. This means that you can’t go wrong by selecting gloss, but it also means that by selecting one of our other finishes, your product has the potential to stand out more. Think about what you want to communicate about your brand—natural or organic products convey a message of simplicity with a matte finish, while a food product targeted to kids is more likely to draw attention with a glossy finish and bright colors.

How can I design custom refrigerated boxes or freezer boxes?

Your packaging designer can use one of our downloadable file templates to create their design; upload it to our website when you’re ready to get a quote.

What should I include on my refrigerated boxes or freezer boxes?

Naturally, you’ll want to include your brand logo, the product name, and a photograph. Also include the net quantity and weight, an ingredient list, nutritional information, and a food allergen disclosure. Include your business address and a description of the product too.

What is the minimum quantity of refrigerated or freezer boxes that I can order?

With EnvironPrint, there’s no minimum quantity, which means you can order a single box to decide if you’re happy with your design, material choice, and finish before committing to a full order.

How much do refrigerated and freezer boxes cost?

There are a number of variables involved in determining the cost of refrigerated and freezer boxes, so we ask that you select your specifications, upload your design, and request a quote.

How do I order refrigerated/freezer boxes from EnvironPrint?

Because of the high amount of customization involved in printing refrigerated boxes and freezer boxes, they cannot be ordered directly from our website. Instead, submit your design for a quote and one of our team members will get back to you with the next steps.

What box types are available?

Our standard box types include tuck top and seal end boxes, but we also offer custom boxes if you have something different in mind.

How long will it take to get my refrigerated/freezer boxes?

If you need custom refrigerated/freezer box printing fast, EnvironPrint will deliver! When you’re placing your order, choose between 10 business day or an 8-6 business day shipping (for an additional fee), then use our shipping rates and delivery estimates to choose a shipping speed. Select our premium shipping option to have your boxes delivered 1–2 days after printing is complete. If you are on a tight deadline and you need your project extremely quick, please call us immediately at 682-252-0578. We are happy to help no matter how tight the deadline.


Why Choose EnvironPrint for Refrigerated/Freezer Box Printing

EnvironPrint is a greener alternative to traditional digital printing. We use sustainable materials, solvent-free water-based ink, and state-of-the-art 3D-printed digital dies for items that need to be cut or folded. Our team strives to  exceed expectations  by delivering responsive customer service, unparalleled quality, and quick turnaround times. Order your refrigerated boxes and freezer boxes from us today and see why EnvironPrint is the internet’s leading choice for planet-friendly printing.


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